Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Obama Buys Imam Rauf's Book

The State Department not only is PAYING the Imam who wants to build that monument to the Islamic terrorists who murdered 2,700 Americans at the World Trade Center, literally on the GRAVES of the victims, to go overseas and lie to people (on our dime), they have BOUGHT thousands of copies of his self-published book, “What’s Right About Islam” to give away. I think if the Muslims want to take over the world, they should do it on their own dime. I don’t want to pay for it.

BLOOMBERG REFUSES TO ADMIT NY BOMBER IS MUSLIM: It would seem to any intelligent person that the guy who wanted to set off a bomb in Times Square might just be an Islamic Jihadist. But not Bloomberg. He blames “right-wingers.” Same with that Muslim stabber of a taxi driver. Again, he blamed everybody BUT those responsible and was made to look a fool when it turned out otherwise.

BLOOMBERG’S A FOOL AGAIN: He looks at the man who took hostages at a little-watched Discovery Channel and again blamed the “right-wingers.” And again he was wrong. How did this fool get elected TWICE? Wake up, New Yorkers! Get RID of this fool NOW! Before he hurts your city more than he already has.

HOW TO GET TO BE AN EXPERT? Be wrong most of the time like the others. Hearing the words, “surprised the experts” in news reports is so common now, it makes you wonder if there ARE any “experts” left. Actually, an “expert” is someone who knows ONE more thing about a given subject than you do.

ONE SHEET: Cheryl Crowe thinks we should not use more than one sheet of toilet paper per bowel movement. She even tells us how: You fold it in half and then in half again. Tear out the corner where the two folds intersect and carefully put it aside. That’s important. Open it up and stick a finger in the hole it makes and use the sheet. Clean off your finger by pulling the sheet off your finger. Then get that little piece you tore out and clean up under your fingernail. That’s how it’s done.

WHAT IS THE “TEA PARTY?” It is many individuals doing what liberals didn’t think they would ever do: coming together en masse to oppose their policies. They have “wakened a sleeping giant” as they went along spending more of our money than there IS. The “Tea Parties” are now the name used by the liberals to mean ANYBODY who disagrees with their thefts and stands up and says so. I’ve said so for a long time now, “Time for another tea party.” I don’t know if that had anything to do with their name, but I’ll take it, as long as it gets rid of Obama and all his left-wing accomplices as soon as possible.

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