Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Slime" the Female Politicians

That’s what the politicians are doing with Christine O’Donnell. They’re throwing everything including the toilet and its contents at her, hoping some of the stinky brown stuff will stick. They’re asking about her measurements and how good she is in bed—as they have other women in politics. This is reminiscent of the treatment of Sarah Palin whenever she appeared in politics. They’re afraid of both these women and think they can limit their effect by their insults and sexist remarks.

IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THEM! The liberals are sorely frightened of the “Tea Parties,” and have been from the first. Just as the king was frightened by the original “Tea Parties,” and you know how THAT turned out. Nancy Peelosi called them “Astroturf.” Other liberal (and even some conservative) politicians called them every nasty name in the book BECAUSE they are so afraid of what has been described by those who know as “the most potent political force to come along in a long time.” You can always tell what frightens them the most. It’s whomever they attack the hardest and lie about the most.

WE DON’T HAVE ANY: Ahmadinijerk was making a speech before a college audience and a student (no one asked whether male or female) asked him what they do about homosexuals in Iran. To which he replied, “Oh, we don’t have any there.” As the audience snickered, he said, “Oh, do you know of any there? Can you tell me where they live so I can kill them?” No, he didn’t say “so I can kill them,” but we all know that’s what he would do.

O’DONNELL FRIENDS RAISE $1 MILLION IN ONE DAY: Without even her knowledge or participation. That should tell you something about her chances of winning in the general election, Democrat OR Republican critics notwithstanding. I think she’s going to “go all the way” and make the Dems AND the GOP look like the fools they are.

STOP PUNISHING ACHIEVEMENT: The liberals do that every time they lay a tax on “the rich.” It is “the rich” who create ALL the advances in the economy that happen, and Obama and his crowd want to punish them for it. Maybe we should punish OBAMA for his success in conning his way into the presidency.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR THEIR RELIGION: I wonder if Ahmadinijerk’s Iran government is making any special concessions for the religious preferences of those two hikers left in Iran after they kidnapped them and accused them of spying as we do for the terrorist murderers we capture? Not likely.

WHY DID THOUSANDS OF DEALERS HAVE TO GO? Seems to me that each dealership they have makes them some money. So why did Obama decree that thousands of dealers (many of them very successful) have to go to “save” General Motors and Chrysler?

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