Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It IS a "holy war!"

No matter how much this administration wants you to think it isn’t, it IS. At least, on the part of the extremist Muslims. They’ll TELL you it is. They’ll tell you frankly they want to kill ALL “Infidels.” Infidels are people, even some Muslims, who don’t believe exactly the same way they do. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is a “holy war” for us. For us it is mere survival. We will kill as many Muslim extremists as we can and object to a Mosque being built on the graves of the people Muslim extremists MURDERED on Sept. 11, 2002.

DON’T BURN KORAN: A church in Florida is planning to burn a copy of the Koran (Quoran, etc., however they spell it today). I say don’t do it. The Koran might tell Muslims to kill “Infidels” but the Bible tells Christians to do bad things, too. In the Old Testament, which nobody with any sense today believes they should follow. But it isn’t the RELIGION that is killing innocent people. It is the PEOPLE who are TWISTING that religion. Don’t burn the SYMBOL of that religion. You are “missing the target.”

NOBODY MAKING UNDER $250G: Obama told us he’d never tax anybody making under $250,000 (or $200,000, or $150,000 or whatever figure he comes up with next week). Now he’s taxing people who want to have darker skin and pay to go to sun beds to get it. I’d say many of them are making less than $250,000. So how do you justify that, Obama?

WE COULD DO BETTER! If we just had the funding! That’s what several liberal mouthpieces in the liberal media are saying. They’re whining about the fact that they can’t get the kind of funding Glenn Beck had for his 8/31 meeting. They don’t think about WHY they can’t get that kind of funding. It’s because nobody is LISTENING to them because they’re tired of hearing the same old lies all the time. Beck paid for most of it out of his own pocket.

TRUCK SHORTAGE: Every day, in every way, Obama’s administration is making it harder and harder to find jobs. Now it’s trucks; the semi-trailer variety. We have one now because of previous federal regulations, but soon we’re going to lose more trucks, AND truck drivers because of NEW regulations Obama’s administration is putting into effect that will make the shortage of trucks rise to 400,000 while putting many more drivers out of work.

BURNING KORAN IS STUPID: And it may cost the preacher who wants to do so before his tiny congregation his life, and maybe even the lives of some of his congregation if Muslim extremists decide to kill him. Muslims have NO TOLERANCE for people who ”insult Islam” and will KILL such people. And it’s not necessary. The idea is to identify those Muslims who are killing Americans and other innocents, and KILL THEM. Not make some empty gesture that will just piss them ALL off. Turns out it was all a very successful publicity stunt, anyway.

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