Saturday, September 18, 2010

Threatening Us

The Imam who wants to build the mosque literally FEET from 9/11 is THREATENING us. He says, “If we don’t build this mosque, America will feel the wrath of the Muslim world.” On the contrary: the Muslim world is GOING to “feel the wrath of AMERICA.”

TOLERANCE: There is not a single bit of “religious tolerance” in any country run by Muslims, yet they still demand it of us. Until they allow Christian churches or Jewish synagogues in Muslim countries, I can’t take their whining about “religious tolerance” seriously.

“THEY’LL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS”: Which tells us how to treat Muslim extremists. We certainly know THEM “by their fruits.” Their ”fruits” are murder and mayhem to promote their religion. They’ll be the first to tell you this is a “holy war” to help Islam take over the world.

SECOND IN COMMAND: Have you noticed Osama never makes a tape any more telling us how he’s going to kill us all? It’s always his “second in command” or someone else. That’s because he’s dead. We made him into a cinder early on in the “war against terrorism.” But the terrorists want desperately to make us think he’s still alive so we can’t claim a “great victory.” I predict you will NEVER hear directly from Osama, ever again, unless they fake it.

RICH CAN AFFORD IT: That’s what the Obama crowd says about laying higher taxes on “the rich.” But when he does, he destroys their INCENTIVE to INVEST their money in jobs-creating, profit-creating projects. It is this INVESTMENT that makes our economy WORK. After many ignorant politicians looting “the rich” all these years, they’ve been taxed too much for years already. Time to stop.

“A RELIGION OF PEACE:” That’s what Muslims say about their religion. But they don’t DEFINE “peace.” To them, “peace” is “death to all Infidels.” (“Infidels” being ALL “unbelievers.”)

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