Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where Is the Most Violence?

That’s an easy one; the most violence is in countries that are in the most financial trouble because of the “freebies” they’ve been giving out and are threatening to stop because they don’t have any money any more. They’ve spent it all, supporting those who won’t work. This causes a major “disconnect” coming from those who won’t be getting paid to sit on their asses and do nothing.

MEDIA IGNORES YOU: If the media ignores you, even if they have to walk over you to get where they’re going, you’re successful if you are a conservative, or just not a liberal in your political leanings. A corollary to that is if the media ATTACKS you, that means they’re AFRAID of you and will do anything they can to destroy you.

MAKING A PROFIT: One of the things a liberal hates more than anything is profit. Even though profit is what their employers MUST make in order to pay them; and what everybody must make in order for ANYBODY to have a job. Never, EVER be ashamed to say you make a profit.

FORGIVE THEM: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I won’t name the author of that statement for fear (not) the liberals will call me a “religious fanatic.” But it’s true of liberals, all over the world. They HATE “the rich,” which are the SOURCE of all the money that makes this world go around. Without that money (profit) there would be no jobs, and no taxes for the liberals to scam out of us.

SHOWING THEIR ABYSMAL IGNORANCE: Liberals show their abysmal ignorance by making it harder on “the rich” to make money. Taxing them at higher rates is counterproductive because it destroys their INITIATIVE to make money, which reduces the amount of money available for them to tax.

AMERICA IS RISING: The liberals want to play down everything pertaining to the Tea Parties because they are FRIGHTENED of them. They know they are evidence that “America if Rising,” and they know that will mean their political doom.

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