Sunday, September 5, 2010

Racist for Disagreeing

That’s the scam the liberal politicians and bureaucrats are using. Every time we disagree with ANYTHING the liberals, chiefly Obama are saying, we’re called racists, homophobes, Islamaphobes, and other such “made-up words.” They can’t debate us on the issues. They’d lose. So they try to discredit us. Actually, all they’re doing is discrediting THEMSELVES. The more they use those labels wrongly, the less people believe them.

HOW’D OBAMA LOSE HIS MOJO? That’s what Time Magazine is wondering. Maybe it’s how he has been “governing” AGAINST what the American people wish. Perhaps it’s his EIGHT vacations already this year, on the taxpayer dollar while taxpayers are wondering how much longer they will have a job—if they DO have one, now.. Maybe it’s his wife going to France and renting 60 ROOMS--(60 ROOMS!) at $50,000.00 per. Maybe it’s his saddling our GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN with paying for HIS fanciful dreams. I don’t know. Some of those things might have something to do with it.

OPPORTUNITY vs. GUARANTEE: Liberals promise to GUARANTEE people success, which they cannot do. The Founders wanted to give everybody an EQUAL CHANCE at success, which they CAN promise, but not unless the liberals stay out of the way.

NOT A PEEP: William Jefferson, now the FORMER congressman from New Orleans, was recently sentenced to 13 YEARS in prison for corruption. Did you see anything about it in the so-called “mainstream media?” Not a peep out of the biggest ones, and those that did mention it gave it as little coverage as possible and ignored the fact he was (is) a DEMOCRAT. Not surprising.

NOT A SINGLE ARREST: The cops reported NO arrests at Glenn Beck’s 8/31 meeting in Washington, DC. They had to clean up not a single piece of trash. The same was not true down the street at Al Sharpton’s smaller meeting.

ANOTHER GULF OIL RIG EXPLOSION: There has been another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama will probably ban ALL oil drilling in the Gulf, forever, because of this; TWO rig explosions in one year? Just too dangerous. Yeah. Couple of differences here: no deaths; it’s in shallow water so no problem capping it. But look for Obama to play it big,

VOTE! That’s what a lot of people say. “I don’t care who you vote FOR, just vote!” That’s a load of stinky brown stuff! If you vote without having any idea of what your candidate stands for, maybe you shouldn’t vote at all. Or we’ll get another Obama. If you vote (and you should), make sure you’ve done your homework. And not just listened to “attack ads” run by candidates and their friends. Check up on your candidate. KNOW what he/she stands for!

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