Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sorry People

No updates yesterday and several other days lately while I beat my head against the DMV wall trying to get the new car (necessitated by a foolish woman who turned left in front of me through two lanes of traffic during rush hour) registered. She was talking on her cell phone. Nobody hurt, except in the pocketbook.

THE WRONG DIRECTION: Obama is firmly “in denial.” He told people at a recent meeting that we were “moving in the right direction.” Since when is backwards toward a full-fledged DEPRESSION “moving in the right direction?” This man is either “in denial” or is blatantly LYING to America. I’d bet the latter. When does a man like Obama lie? Whenever he figures he can get away with it. Or just for fun.

THEY’RE STUPID! I’d be more worried about our future if the members of today’s “ruling class” were smarter. But they’re not, so we know they’re going to keep doing stupid things that anger the voters until the voters “rise up and smite them” in the next two elections. If they don’t—if they return most of them to office, they deserve what they get.

WHY ARE WE SO AFRAID? Use of “the N word” is appropriate in some cases, and inappropriate in others; but people are sorely afraid others will call them “racist” just for using the word. I don’t worry about that. If it is proper to use the actual word, I will (and have) done so. I am NOT a racist. I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL. Black or white, purple with pink polka-dots, or green. Christian or Muslim, man or woman. It makes no difference to me. What DOES is what they ARE and is not based on WHO they are or what color. That is just the OPPOSITE of a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc.

MADE-UP DEROGATORY WORDS: Homophobe, Islamophobe, Anti-Semitic, etc. These words are made up by cetain groups to intimate that people who think certain things are "irrationally afraid of them." They impute an irrational FEAR of a certain group. They make it easy for members of those groups to discredit people without answering sometimes important questions about them.

ONE-WAY “BRIDGES”: Imam Rauf (the one who wants to build a mosque on top of the place where his friends murdered 2,700 people, says he “wants to build bridges.” But his bridges are only one way traffic: people “coming to Islam.” Not the other way around. This guy is worse than a bearded, stinking. Jihadist who just wants to kill you for not being a Muslim. He’ll get it by stealth. But you’re dead either way. His way you don’t see it coming.

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