Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Guns, Less Violence

Criminals and those who would randomly kill people need to be unsure their intended victims will be unarmed and thus “easy targets.” Thus, we need to make it easier for honest, non-violent people to be able to carry guns for their own protection so that “random shooters” such as the one who went into a Colorado Springs, Colorado church to kill people will not be able to kill at will. In that case, one courageous, armed woman stopped him.

TWO-FACED, FORKED TONGUE: Hillary, who says she never, as a senator, ever voted for a single spending bill (except maybe for military spending), now says the national debt is a “national security threat.” Whatta way to have it both ways!

NEW JOBS BILL: Obama’s talking about yet another “jobs bill” he wants to pass, but nobody seems to know what he’s talking about. There IS no “jobs bill” now in Congress. But he wants us to think there is.

IT MAKES ME ILL: To hear some supposedly “non-biased” newspeople having an orgasm over this president (Obama), who should more likely be barfed over. That’s what Howard Fineman and Chris Matthews did, on the air, completely discrediting themselves in all things news. Maybe they should go into the bathroom and clean themselves up. Sheesh!

CHINA NO LONGER “SPY THREAT”: For some silly reason I cannot fathom, communist China has been removed from our list of “top spy threats. What did they do to be removed from this list? Nothing. They’re still as much of a “spy threat” as ever, but Obama’s administration doesn’t want to admit it.

BITTER. XENOPHOBIC SOCIETY: That’s what liberal professors teach about Sept. 11, 2001. Not a word about the 3,000 people murdered by Muslim terrorists on that day. That’s how LIES are made into truth. If wanting revenge for that is xenophobia, then I’ll take it. I’ll be “bitter” until we kill at least as many Islamic terrorists and stop them from killing innocent people to make a political point.

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