Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Not Incumbents, Stupid!

The liberals want us to think Americans are “on the warpath” against INCUMBENTS without a real reason. Fact is, it’s only those “incumbents” who voted for, and supported Obama’s efforts to destroy America by spending more money than we had and blaming capitalism for the failure so he can make this into a socialist nation who are going to be thrown on the junkheap of history in the next two elections.

“FANTASY ISLAND ECONOMICS”: Obama’s economics are “Fantasy Island Economics.” It just doesn’t work, and the best evidence of that is that his “bailout programs” didn’t bail anybody out. Giving money he has stolen from taxpayers to other taxpayers who are his friends does not make the economy better. It creates NO new taxable income. Getting OUT OF THE WAY and leaving more money in the hands of those who invest in jobs-creating and profit-making (thus creating more taxable income) projects is what WILL work.

PORK CHOP AROUND HIS NECK: The way to REALLY frighten a Muslim terrorist is not to threaten to kill him. He WANTS to die so he can screw around with a lot of virgins for the rest of eternity. Something he could not do in life (How they REMAIN virgins after sex is beyond me). But he also believes contact with pork will steal that dream. So threaten to kill him, and tie a pork chop around his neck when you bury him.

“WE CAN OUTDO GLENN: That’s what the frightened and jealous liberals are saying. He frightened them so much by pulling a crowd of more than 300,000 to his 8/31 meeting that they’re now jealously panting, “We can outdo him!” So they’re going to have their own meeting just before the election, that they SAY will not be political (hee,hee!).

YELLING THE LOUDEST: There’s an old saying that “if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one hit hardest will yell the loudest.” That’s true of liberals (progressives), too. Glenn Beck really frightened them at his 8/31 meeting and they’re yelling loudly. They will always tell you who scares them the most, and they’re telling us it is Glenn and his friends.

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