Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Not?

An eighty-year-old man took a couple of shots at two young men trying to steal his trailer, seriously wounding one. The cops let him plead guilty to attempted manslaughter after initially charging him with attempted first degree murder. They say “You can’t use deadly force in defense of property.” Why not? The criminals use deadly force to steal it! The man says he didn’t mean to hit anybody; he was trying to scare them off.

HAVE NOTHING? TRY SEX SMEAR: That’s what’s happening in the Democrat Party today. That’s why a blogger from the little-read “Daily Kos” (liberal) blog broke through Republican Senator Bohner’s security to ask him if he was sleeping with a lobbyist, and was ignored (I’d have pushed him out of the way). But the “seed” is planted. No proof offered, just the intimation, just in time to be cussed and discussed during the election, and no time to refute it.

ABSORB A TERRORIST ATTACK? That’s what “our leader,” Barack Hussein Obama thinks. Yes, we can. But why SHOULD we? Why should innocent people die while we “absorb” the attack? Can we “absorb” it if it comes on the White House while he’s “at home?” Probably not. But he doesn’t care about the deaths of others, who are not him. He only cares about himself.

HOW TO TELL HE’S AN IDIOT: You can always tell an idiot by what comes out of his mouth. Iran “strong man” Armajinijerk is one who tells you what a fool he is on a regular basis. And he doesn’t think people notice. He thinks everybody takes what he says as “gospel,” as most of his “subjects” must, to keep from being put to death. One of his foolish statements is that “We have no gays in Iran.” Of COURSE you don’t. You’ve KILLED them all. Whenever an idiot like Ahmadjinijerk wants to tell you what a fool he is, stand back and let him. We have a number of fools like him here; the best known is Obama.

ARE THEY MUSLIM-LOVERS? New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, who Ben Stein says “must be the biggest fool in the world right now,” is bound and determined that Muslims be allowed to build their mosque almost ON TOP of the site where Muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 innocent people, many of them CHILDREN. So does President Obama, who is at least as much of a fool as is Bloomberg. Would FDR have allowed the Japanese to build a monument to the “brave Japanese soldiers” right on top of the sunken Navy ships at Pearl Harbor? He’s have been “Tarred and feathered” and run out of town on a rail if he had. I think we should do that to these two fools.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Every time they are criticized; every time people want to stop them from doing something incredibly stupid, a slap in the face to all Americans, they scream “religious tolerance!” Like they don’t have more “religious tolerance” for Muslims than there is for Christians in this, a Christian nation. The government goes out of its way to “make allowances” for their religious faith in the prisons where Muslim murderers dwell. But do Muslims go out of their way to make allowances for Christians that are in THEIR prisons? Or just in their COUNTRIES? Just possession of a Christian BIBLE will get you in prison in a Muslim-run country. That want “religious tolerance from US, but aren’t willing to extend it TO us.

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