Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pot and Kettle

Obama and his radical liberal friends call ANYBODY who opposes their radical socialist policies “radicals” and try to “shut them up.” But we’re not going to “shut up.” We’re going to talk more often, telling the truth on them louder and longer. If we disappear, you’ll know how they “shut us up.”

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: Obama and his accomplices (liberals) want REPUBLICANS to “take responsibility” for their rage. But it is the LIBERALS (Democrats) who ARE “responsible” for the rage of the Republicans and other freedom-lovers like me.

ASHAMED: I’m ashamed to be an American and live in this country today. Unfortunately, there’s no other country where I can go and enjoy any degree of freedom (at least for now). When that’s gone, there’ll be nowhere to flee.

KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS: What this country is doing now is NOT “Keynesian economics,” though it’s close. Keynesian economics says to RUN A SURPLUS in “good times” so you can run a deficit in “bad times.” We’re not doing it.

GOVERNMENT FLIM-FLAM: The way they passed the health care swindle is simply a “flim-flam.” A con. Look for other bad law to have been passed as part of it, when we are finally allowed to READ the bill they passed. Passing a law in order to be able to “find out what is in it” is not only STUPID, it’s CRIMINAL.

STUPID POLICIES: Obama won’t let American oil companies drill in most areas in the world controlled by the United states. But he IS allowing the Russians to drill in the gulf of Mexico so what they find can be sold to us at inflated prices. I’m getting tired of talking about getting rid of this jerk before he bankrupts us, but I’ll keep it up as long as necessary.

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