Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Driving Insurance Companies Out of Business

Massachusetts (which already has a failing single-payer health insurance system) is already driving insurance companies out of business, by “capping” the rates they can charge without regard to their costs. Soon, Obama will be doing the same thing. His entire purpose is to destroy the health insurance business and create a government-controlled, single-payer system similar to the failed system in Canada.

TAKING OBAMA’S WORD: Stupid –er, Stupak took the word of Obama that he would ban government funding of abortion with a presidential executive order. How STUPID is this man? It’s a good thing he is “running away” because he couldn’t get elected dog catcher this time around. He's too much of a FOOL.

JUST SHOOT THEM! The people who created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would be SHOT, today. They WOULD have been shot then if the British could have caught them. Somebody one time tried to get people on the street to sign a document that contained the SAME WORDS as the Declaration of Independence and the locals called the POLICE To arrest him for TREASON.

NOWHERE TO GO: Glenn Beck says, “if we lose our freedom here, there’s nowhere to which we can flee.” At least the Russians and citizens of other “unfree” countries have the US to which to flee, but if we lose it here, what’s left? There is not a SINGLE country left that has more freedom than we still have--at least for a while, yet

RAISING THE DEBT LIMIT: Obama’s getting ready for even more “massive spending.” He’s had the spending limit raised to FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS! How long are we going to allow him to spend us into bankruptcy?

CALLING TERRORISTS RADICALS: Obama refuses to call Islamic terrorists “radicals.” But he calls U. S. citizens who disagree with his radical policies “radicals.” How much longer are we going to put up with the outrages Obama creates? (I expect his thugs to come and see me soon, unless he’s saving me for after he “takes down” Rush and Hannity and Beck. Maybe I’m just not “bothering him” enough yet.

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