Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama: What Has Changed?

He claims to have “opened up drilling in PARTS of American-controlled territory. On the campaign trail while trying to BECOME president, he said passionately, many times, that offshore drilling wouldn’t make any difference. What has changed other than his election to the presidency?

STOPPING FUNNY MONEY: The Treasury Department and Secret Service works very hard to stop criminals from counterfeiting our money, saying “every counterfeit dollar makes all others in circulation worth less.” Hitler was printing American dollars in an effort to undermine our currency. What the Secret Service says is true. So why don’t they go after the BIGGEST counterfeiter of U. S. currency there is, the U. S. government?

TARGETED FOR OBEYING THE LAW: Several companies announced their estimates of how much Obama’s health care swindle was going to cost them in the coming years. They’re required to do that, BY LAW. Now Henry Waxman, one of the architects of the economic disaster under which we’re now suffering, has “targeted” them for obeying the law. What FOOLS we have in Washington!

TOO MANY LAWSUITS: You can sue for anything, any time. Judges allow way too many frivolous lawsuits they KNOW are frivolous, that require innocent people to pay out millions of dollars (collectively) in unnecessary legal fees to fight them. Congress needs to make a law to limit these suits by making the LOSER pay the legal fees and court costs in EVERY case.

THE CALORIE POLICE: They want to even control the size of the type used by MacDonald’s to tell you how many calories are in a Big Mac. Pretty soon, you’ll need a forklift to carry away your order because of the required notices, forced upon them by nameless, faceless bureaucrats.

KEEPING US “STIRRED UP”: Most of the “controversies” are “whipped up” by our government to keep us busy fighting amongst ourselves while we ignore what they’re doing to us.

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