Saturday, April 10, 2010

Liberal Hate Speech

Calling the Tea Party people “racists” is simply liberal hate speech. Of course, nobody will admit it, and neither will the news media, which will dutifully spout it and “shout it to the tree-tops.” They just don’t know how much they’re hurting themselves by “buying into” Obama's scams. He will eventually target THEM one day.

THOSE WHO CREATE JOBS: Those are Obama’s “targets.” He says they are simply “the rich,” forgetting how they BECAME rich, and the jobs they created on the way. But he doesn’t care. He either doesn’t KNOW they create ALL the jobs, or he just doesn’t care. I think hurting those who create ALL the jobs is part of his plan, as it will make it easier to impose socialism upon us.

LEGAL GOVERNMENT THEFT: The Civil Asset Forfeiture Act of 2000 allows federal, state and local police and district attorneys to seize any cash they can find on you to fund their own budgets. No crime must be proved, only the statement that the money “MUST be drug money,” making the “drug war” an “excuse” for the cops to STEAL money for their own use. This way, they can treat the money they steal as a “private slush fund,”

ALL A MISTAKE: A Qatar diplomat who thought the “no smoking rule” on airplanes didn’t apply to him caused an international incident when he “joked” about “setting his shoes on fire” when confronted as he left the bathroom on the airplane after sneaking a smoke. Now officials say it was “all a mistake.” I agree. It was a mistake BY that insipid, cocky “diplomat” who thinks he’s above the rules others must follow. He MUST be a liberal (or whatever they call it in his country).

TAXATION WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL ACTION: In order to raise taxes, Obama must go to Congress and have a law passed. But he doesn’t need to do that to order more money to be printed. Every dollar printed and put into circulation reduces the value of EVERY dollar now in existence, which takes money away from EVERY American who earns a living and pays taxes. This is how the government can raise taxes without having Congress pass a law. We need to make a law forcing him to ask permission (with the attendant publicity) to print more money. But that's not going to happen because a majority in Congress are his accomplices.

JUST SEND IT OVER: Obama seems to have signed a “nuclear treaty with Russia. Just send it over. We’ll sign it without reading it. That’s the way we pass our laws now, anyway. So why not do it with treaties?

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