Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'll Do It Anyway

Kathleen Sebilius, Health Secretary, says, “If health care for children isn’t in (Obama’s health care swindle) the bill I’ll announce it anyway and it will BE in the bill. She actually thinks she has the power to do that.

He’s obviously a racist, gay-baiting, misogamist if he wants that. ANYBODY who criticizes “our president” has to be that, according to liberals.

DOESN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Obama, who wants to RUN the health insurance business, along with the health care business, itself, doesn’t even know the difference between liability and comprehensive insurance.

RAIDING MONOPOLY MANUFACTURER: I understand the feds raided the company making the Monopoly game, accusing them of counterfeiting U. S. currency. (hee, hee)

BEING “TOP DAWG”: Obama’s spokesmen say we shouldn’t expect to be the “top dawg” in everything. The “anthem” of the loser. Making excuses for failure. My answer is, “why not?” Why the hell NOT? What earthly common sense reason is there to NOT expect excellence?

BUSH IS NOT CONSERVATIVE: His prescription drug program, in which every Social Security recipient MUST be a member whether or not he/she wishes, plus his ignoring our Southern border, plus many other things he did, prove that. Now a border sheriff is advising his constituents to “arm yourselves” so you won’t be killed by illegal aliens.

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