Saturday, April 3, 2010

Damage Control

Obama knows the entire country is mad at him and he fears the next two elections. So now he’s “pandering” to us by announcing that he’s going to allow limited offshore drilling as a means toward reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Only problem is, is ain’t agonna happen. There will be so many restrictions placed on whatever drilling he DOES allow as to make it impossible. But the news media won’t cover that. When he made his announcement, he didn’t tell us he was “shutting down” projects that were ready to give us oil, in favor of those that could not produce oil for 20 or 30 years.

WE STILL NEED MORE REFINERIES: We haven’t built a new refinery in 30 years, and the ones in existence are mostly so old they can’t do the job. So it doesn’t matter how much oil we eventually get from offshore drilling, we can’t refine it. I might believe he’s serious if he authorizes subsidies to build new refineries—which he will not.

SPEAKING FROM IGNORANCE: Obama;s “useful idiots” criticize people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity. Glenn Beck, and me for what their liberal friends TELL them we say. They have no idea what we REALLY say because they don’t listen to, or read it.; But they think they’re “politically correct.”

THEY JUST WON’T ANSWER: Bill O’Reilly spent some time recently on his program trying his best to get a congressman to answer a simple question: who will enforce Obama’s requirement to buy health insurance?” We all know it’s the IRS, which is hiring 16,000 new “enforcers.”: But he “filibustered” every time Bill asked the same question, then accused Bill of “not letting him answer.” How stupid! Does he really think we’re stupid enough to believe that?

OBAMA’S ACTIONS: He snubs Netanyahu, from Israel, one of our staunchest allies, while giving a big hug to that communist thug from South America, Hugo Chavez. That should tell you a lot about his basic instincts. He’s trying his best to tell us what he is, but we’re not listening.

BAD PRESIDENTS: I’ve seen bad presidents before, but none who angers me every time I see his face on a magazine cover or on television, both of which happen all the time. Just the sound of his voice infuriates me because he’s always telling lies whenever I hear it.

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