Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Same Extremism

Former President and chief oral sex receiver in the White House Bill Clinton is doing it again. After a “crazy” blew up a government building in Oklahoma, he tried to blame Rush Limbaugh and other conservative truth-tellers for that event, with NO proof at all. Just his word—and you all know what THAT’S worth. Now he’s doing it again, this time blaming it on the Tea Parties. It was an absolute LIE then, and it is a lie now. Truth is, Limbaugh, Hannity, myself, and the others are simply telling the TRUTH about what the liberals are doing to this country. If that’s “promoting extremism,” so be it.

WAY TOO LATE: AlGore said “we only have ten years left if we don’t do something about the environment.” He said that almost 20 years ago, now. He was lying then and he is lying now. But it has made him a billionaire, so I guess it’s working—for him.

OBAMA LOSES 10,000 JOBS: With a single stroke of a pen. On purpose. He announced the end of several space programs, which will cause the loss of many jobs. That’s what he’s been doing a lot lately. Causing the loss of many jobs. Meanwhile, he CLAIMS to be CREATING jobs.

“SWEEPING OUT CORRUPTION”: Nancy Peelosi says she’s going to ”sweep out corruption, and she’s not lying. She’s doing just that—on the Republican side. But she doesn’t even SEE any corruption among Democrats. Not the tax evasion of Rep. Charlie Rangel, or any other. She says she “sees no reason” for Rangel to step down (even though he’s evaded thousands of dollars’ worth of his own taxes while imposing new taxes on us every day. If she doesn’t see it, how can she “clean it up?”

WHY NO BLACKS AT “TEA PARTIES?” Liberals often ask this question. But there ARE blacks at “Tea Party” meetings. The liberals just tell you there are not, with no proof, whatsoever. They want to maintain the fiction that there are none. So they continue to ask this question, hoping that will make people believe the “Tea Parties” are racist, which they’re not.

LIBERALS TERRIFIED OF “TEA PARTY”: And they should be. The “Tea Parties” are going to cost them their jobs, and that’s okay (not to them, but to the people who have common sense in this country). Their recent actions have made them “easy targets” for people with common sense to run against them and win. I hope they have the worst election in history in 2010, and again in 2012.

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