Thursday, April 29, 2010

Truth vs. Sedition

Joe Klein has accused Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and others of SEDITION for TELLING THE TRUTH about Obama and how he is stealing from us and causing the ruination of this nation. Since when is telling the truth sedition? Damn, these people are STUPID! Or they think we are.

HALF SPANISH: There’s a school in Texas that’s going to teach half the year in English, the other half in Spanish. WHY? Why don’t immigrants, legal or illegal, take the trouble to learn the language of their host country? Why do they insist that WE take the trouble to learn THEIR language? If I move to France permanently, I’m CERTAINLY going to learn French! I will not limit myself while demanding THEY accommodate ME. Why do these people do that?

REDEFAULT: That’s a “code word” meaning Obama’s “mortgage plan” is failing. His plan was to give mortgages to people who could not pay the money back, then have Fanny or Freddy buy the mortgage. Now people he has helped are defaulting AGAIN. That means they STILL can’t pay their mortgages. They never will. And he will have to “help” them again and again. With OUR money.

FOR WHAT? Obama thinks the American people ought to thank him, rather than organize “Tea Parties” against him. For WHAT should we thank him? For ruining the best medical system in the world? For spending $TRILLIONS of our dollars and bankrupting us? For spending more money than we have, in fact, more money than there IS? For CREATING the “economic downturn” in order to get elected and take over the government in a “bloodless coup?” This man is not just ignorant, he’s STUPID if he thinks we would thank him for that.

MAKING IT WORSE: The Massachusetts version of Obama’s health care swindle has failed. And the governor is making it WORSE by forcing the insurance companies to LOWER their rates when they’re obviously losing money NOW.

“CHANGE IS GOOD”: Saw a sign on the highway that said “change is good.” Change is not ALWAYS good. America should have asked Obama to tell them what KIND of change he intended for us. Maybe he would have slipped up and told the truth as he did when “Joe the plumber” confronted him.

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