Sunday, April 18, 2010

Imagine That

Imagine Obama and his accomplices in Congress gone, and somebody with common sense in the White House. Well. We can accomplish half of that--the Congress part--in the 2010 election if we get rid of every Democrat we can. And we can take care of Obama in 2012—if that’s not too late.

IT’S FRUSTRATING: You tell people something, and they come right back and criticize you for saying just the opposite of what you said, and refuse to believe what you DID say. I really wish people would LISTEN to what I say.

SUPPORTING HIGH FUEL PRICES: Our erstwhile Energy Secretary SUPPORTS high fuel prices and wonders why we gripe about it. What the hell GOOD is this guy?

“VITRIOL”: That’s what Obama calls it when we tell the truth about what he’s doing. Actually, the “vitriol” out there is what HE spouts when people oppose him.

SHE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING: Liberals (Democrats) say Sarah Palin “doesn’t know anything.” But for some reason they can’t cite any specifics about what she doesn’t know. Who do they think they’re fooling?

OBAMA—STOP ATTACKING BUSINESS: Doesn’t he know that private business, large and small, is the “engine” of prosperity? If he continues to unfairly tax it, he’s going to destroy our economy. Take away the INCENTIVE to invest money in jobs-creating projects and soon there will be none—and the jobs will disappear. What a FOOL we have running this country!

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