Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vote The Bums Out!

That seems to be the theme of the “Tea Party” movement, and it is the ONLY way we’re going to be able to stop Obama’s “steamroller” of our rights and our money. Get rid of his voting majority in the Congress and he won’t be able to do as much damage in the rest of the only term I hope he gets to serve. We need to get rid of EVERY Democrat who supports Obama’s programs or any other socialist plans.

NOTING TEACHER ARRESTS: Leave it to bureaucrats and politicians to do ANYTHING in the most controversial way. Now some school districts in Colorado want to notify people when any teacher is ARRESTED for any on a list of serious crimes. Not when they’re CONVICTED, when they’re ARRESTED. Being arrested does not mean the teacher is guilty. But they want to stigmatize them for being ARRESTED. Sheesh!

A “PUBLIC PURPOSE”: The government can seize your property for a “public purpose.” Who decides what is a “public purpose?” The people DOING the seizing, of course! That’s the decision perpetrated by retiring Supreme Court Justice Stevens and has resulted in property being seized, then given or sold to private developers while “just compensation” way below market value was imposed. The “public interest” involved is more tax money for the seizing party.

“CHANGE”: Obama ran on a platform of “change,” and the mostlygullible American people who “pay no attention to politics” believed him without asking what KIND of change he was talking about. Now they’re dismayed to learn the ”change” he was talking about was a “change” from capitalism and small government to socialism and BIG government (IF they even are aware of it).

THE NEW RACISM: Anybody who doesn’t agree with what Obama is doing to us, are called “racists” without any kind of proof. They think they don’t need proof. They think all they have to do is LABEL them as racist and people will believe it. But that label is “growing thin” and people no longer believe them when they scream “racist.” Some people still talk about communism, although communism DOES still exist in the world. When people hear that word, they stop listening. It’s becoming the same with “racist.”

WAXMAN CHICKENS OUT: He demanded the companies who told the world how much they figure Obama’s health care swindle is going to cost them and told them to bring all their private e-mails with them. He didn’t even bother to make it a subpoena. But when they “called his bluff” and spoke out about it, he decided he didn’t want to give these companies a platform to tell the truth about Obama’s swindle. So he called it off.

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