Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "Job Creators"

Obama is “biting off the hand that FEEDS him by assessing higher taxes on “the rich,” who are the very people who CREATE all the jobs and should be treated fairly. But obviously Obama doesn’t agree (which just shows his economic IGNORANCE, to our dismay).

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: Liberals are constantly talking about Republicans “taking responsibility” for the “rage” that is showing lately when it should be the LIBERALS who “take responsibility” for it, since they caused it. People are enraged because the liberals are slowly, but surely, taking away their right to make their own decisions. I “take responsibility” for MY rage, which is CAUSED by the Democrats and their scams and schemes.

“YOU PEOPLE”: There’s a difference between “Obama’s people” and “you people” as far as he is concerned. Like kings of old, there are two kinds of people: the king’s, and the peasants. To him, you and I are “peasants” and “rabble,” and should just “shut up and go away,” not presuming to comment negatively on his kingly pronouncements and actions.

BANNING THE WORDS: Government is banning the words “Islamic terrorists” from the lexicon they use in describing the Islamic terrorists we are fighting. Currently, they’re only doing it for one document. But I expect this government to “issue an edict” banning those words in ALL cases in America, including its use by the news media, most of which will acquiesce happily.

THE “WAR AGAINST ACHIEVEMENT”: All this talk about “taxing the rich” is simply Obama’s “code words” to mean his “war against achievement. What he means is that ANYBODY who actually ACHIEVES anything (and subsequently becomes rich) is somehow “bad,” and subject to higher taxation than the rest of the “peasants” he “rules.” He forgets entirely that the ACHIEVERS are the ones who CREATE the jobs.

OBAMA OPENS US UP TO NUCLEAR ATTACK: He has pledged not to use nuclear weapons against countries that do not have nukes. That’s like telling a criminal, who knows you “pack heat,” that you will not use it if he robs you. How stupid IS this man? I have seen some stupid policies by previous presidents, but not as abysmally STUPID as is this one.

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