Sunday, April 11, 2010

Targeting The Rich

Obama has been very vocal about “taxing the rich” as an essential part of his policies. What good is laying heavy taxes on the very people who CREATE employment going to do our economy? His “tax the rich” policies are contraindicated and will inevitably make the economy AND the “job picture” worse. But he either doesn’t know that, or he just doesn’t care. Or that’s his PLAN.

AHMDINIJERK—“OBAMA AN AMATUER”: What a stupid remark from one of the world’s biggest amateurs as a “head of state.” But he’s right. Obama IS “an amateur” as a president. But he’s an expert as “scamming the system,” and has scammed his way into total power over the biggest part of the government, and the private sector as well as stealing more in ONE YEAR that Bush spent in EIGHT years.

GOOD DESCRIPTION OF AN OBAMA SPEECH: “A series of clichés, punctuated by a bunch of drivel” –Glenn Beck I haven’t heard a single speech made by Obama that doesn’t fit this description.

OBAMA ATTACKS SARAH: He says, “I don’t remember her being an expert on nuclear weapons.” Funny he should say that. I haven’t heard ANYTHING that would tell me HE is an expert on nuclear weapons, so where does he get off criticizing her for criticizing his wimpy action?

“TEA PARTY” VIOLENCE: Liberals decry the “violence” seen at “Tea Party” gatherings. Funny: the only violence I’ve seen has been created by the union thugs sent there by Obama, then BLAMED on the Tea Party.

TAKING OVER THE INTERNET: Obama wants to take over the Internet, the ONE place where EVERYBODY has an “international voice.” He’s billing it as “equal access,” of course. Just the OPPOSITE of what it is, as usual. He wants to control access to the Internet because when you’re creating a dictatorship you don’t want people to be able to tell the truth about you and what you’re doing.

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