Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Tea Party Is Racist, Huh?

What about C. L. Bryant, black FORMER Democrat, minister, and Tea Party leader? And he’s not, as liberals would put it, a “house nig-r.” He’s a full-fledged LEADER in the Tea Party. As I’ve said before, the liberal picture of the Tea Parties as racist is a LIE. A TYPICAL Liberal lie. One of many they tell every day. Bryant is a black conservative. Something they don’t want to admit exists, so they ignore his existence.

RECALL IN WI FAILS: The Democrats tried to recall some Republicans in Wisconsin and failed. Now they’re claiming the Republicans cheated, something they are intimately familiar with, since they steal ANY close election they can. They think Obama and all Democrats are going to win easily in 2012. Boy, do they have a big surprise coming!

MOVIE—KILLING BIN LADEN: Hollywood liberals are working on a movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden, to be released just before the 2012 election in a transparent attempt to prop up a losing candidate. We know that Obama vacillated for many hours before giving the go-ahead on that raid, but will that fact be brought out in this movie? Doubtful.

SARAH WILL WIN, ANYWAY: Liberals and Republicans are saying “It’s getting a little late for Sarah to jump in the presidential race.” They wish. WhenEVER she “jumps in,” she’ll win. That is why both sides hate her. That, and the fact that she won’t “follow the elite line.”

BUDGET CONTROL ACT A SWINDLE: It involves that old swindle about allowing more spending and higher taxes NOW and spending cuts and lower taxes LATER (never happens). Many former presidents fell for it and now Congress and the American people have again fallen for it. They fall for it over and over, and Democrats use it over and over because it works on those gullible politicians.

TEENAGE UNEMPLOYMENT HIGHER THAN EVER: Mainly because desperate unemployed ADULTS are going after their “summer jobs.” There's nothing else available due to Obama's policies. He says he "focuses like a laser" on jobs, but nothing ever comes of it.

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