Thursday, August 18, 2011

"I Hope He Fails"

Rush Limbaugh got a lot of flack from liberals and liberal dupes when he said that upon Obama's "immaculation" because they didn't understand, or PURPOSELY MIS-understood his meaning. He didn't mean he hoped Obama would fail in his effort to lead this country. He meant he hoped he would fail to lead us into socialism. It's too late; he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He has put us into impossible to pay debt while blaming the free market, and gullible people believe him. He may not be re-elected, but that wasn't part of his goal.

DEMOCRATS ARE THE PARTY OF SEGREGATION: Democrats would have FOUGHT desegregation in the military, tooth and nail. So he had to do it by executive order. The Democrats try and pin the “segregationist” label on Republicans, but in reality it was the Democrats who were the segregationists. Bull Connor was a Democrat. The Democrats of the past (and of the present, if truth be known) are racists and segregationists. It’s the reason there now IS a Republican Party.

GOP THE “PARTY OF NO”: That’s right. And they will continue to be “the party of no” as long as Obama or his like is in the White House or in the majority in either house of Congress. So what? When the GOP had both houses and the presidency, it was the DEMOCRATS who were “the party of no.” So what else is new?

LAW ONLY AS GOOD AS THOSE ENFORCING IT: Under our current Attorney General, who would not prosecute Black Panther members who brazenly stood in front of a polling place carrying nightsticks to harass people into voting for Obama because "they're my people," thus proving his own racism, other law enforcement agencies will not prosecute black people for attacking innocent whites, following his lead.

WHAT FOOLS THESE LIBS BE! Obama has spent the last more than two years spending money like water without a budget, and liberals are trying to lay the blame for it on the Tea Party. How STUPID do they think we are? As stupid as THEY are? Damn!

TYPICAL LIBERALS: Bring up unimportant things about which some people have strong opinions to get attention off your shortcomings. Which is why they’re making such a “big thing” about “Bert & Ernie” being gay at this time. How are PUPPETS gay or straight, except for what their MAKERS determine? How can they BE gay or straight, except for the writings of the scriptwriters? The people behind Sesame Street are unalterably liberal, which is the only reason I can see for Bert & Ernie to BE gay. It’s a “non-issue,” manufactured by the liberals running this show.

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