Thursday, August 11, 2011

He Should Be A One-Term President

That’s OBAMA’S own opinion! When he was “immaculated” three years ago, he said that if he couldn’t start this economy growing again in three years, he SHOULD be a “ONE-TERM PRESIDENT.” He hasn’t; he has made it worse with his incompetent use of the discredited Keynesian theories and actions while spending our money like water. So there is one thing with which I agree with him.

LIBS RUN--CAN’T TAKE IT: In Oregon, a liberal gathering was approached by a number of Tea Party members who attempted to reason with them (peacefully). The liberals called it “an attack” and ran away to hold their event in a private home. The Tea Partiers followed and the libs called the cops, who wouldn’t even respond because the Tea Partiers were NOT violent. It was a simple counter protest and the liberals can’t handle that. The libs said (as usual, without proof) that the sheriff was a member of the Tea Parties.

OBAMA BLAMES . . .: I Googled these two words and got 271,000 results in 0.07 seconds. Which is proof Obama blames everybody BUT himself for whatever bad things happen. It’s so common for him to blame somebody else for his problems that nobody (but people like me who pay attention) even notices.

TIT FOR TAT: I hear we have found the terrorists that shot down the helicopter containing many Seal Team 6 members and killed them. I’ll bet they’ll “vow revenge” and will do something horrible in return. Then we’ll kill some more of them, and they’ll kill more of us in revenge, just as if we had no reason to kill their people. They’re “mad as hops” that we actually killed a few of their fifteenth century jerks and ignore the fact that they have been provoking us for many years.

ONLY LIBERALS: “Only in the UK could rioters in £100 trainers, organise things on their £300 smartphones & claim to be in poverty.” (montrose77 on Twitter) The irony of this is inevitably lost on liberals.

BLAMING EVERYBODY BUT HIMSELF: “President Obama hilariously blamed Bush, headwinds, earthquakes, the Arab Spring (wait, didn't Obama cheer those on?), conservatives, your grandma and just about everything else for the bad economy. If that wasn't lame enough, Obama made the awful decision to speak while the market was tanking (down about 400 points) - and after his horrible speech it tanked another 200 points. Genius! (Glenn Beck)

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