Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea Partiers Insane?

The liberals have nothing REAL they can say about the Tea Party so they say they’re “insane.” (Typical name-calling) Insane for what? Wanting government to live within its means? For wanting them to obey the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws? For demanding such things as congresscritters actually READING the bills they pass into law? Yeah, that’s really insane, isn’t it?

HE WISHES: John Kerry says “The Tea Parties are not real” and that media should not allow them to be heard (I guess he forgot the First Amendment, or just wants to ignore it, as usual). If they’re “not real,” what is he worried about? I guess he’s afraid they’re gaining too much power and will eventually topple him and his elite friends from their high perches; and he’s right. He has good reason to worry because they ARE “real.” He doesn’t want them to “upset his applecart.” He wants to go on stealing from Americans without opposition, and the Tea Parties are too much opposition for him.

OBAMA’S A LENINIST: Not a Marxist. People too often use terms without understanding what they really mean. “Lenin thought that a nation could only grow more prosperous when a nation is controlled by a vanguard and elite — a people who know better than you what to do with your property. The Leninist elite would lead people to a world free of pain and poverty. There would be no more haves and have-nots or private property. Just boundless prosperity. All a nation had to do was transfer its entire wealth to Lenin’s vanguard.” (Dave Blount/TYSK News) Unfortunately, the only people enjoying “boundless prosperity” would be “the elite.” Russia proved that.

NOT ENOUGH ”RICH”: Obama talks all the time about “taxing the rich more” to pay for his own extravagances. But what he doesn’t know (or thinks you don’t know) is that there aren’t enough rich to cover his extravagant spending. If you taxed “the rich” 100% it MIGHT finance Obama’s extravagances for ONE YEAR, if that. Then, having gotten to keep NOTHING the last year, “the rich” would not work and would not have any taxable income in the United States the next year, and so would pay NO taxes. What would Obama do then?

STUPID IDEAS: Obama has pledged to “bankrupt the coal industry.” When he does, what would the electric companies do for fuel to make electricity? If they can’t make electricity, society crumbles. Is that Obama’s goal? Society’s end? I can’t figure out what makes this fool tick, and I’d like to see his backside going through the “out” door of the White House (for the last time) as soon as possible.

OBAMA PARTIES WHILE AMERICA STARVES: He had a birthday party the other day in the White House at our expense. Wonder how much that cost us? Meanwhile, millions of Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from and the vultures in the lending industry are “coming for” their homes because they can no longer pay the mortgages they couldn’t afford when they got them.

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