Saturday, August 6, 2011

We've Been Lied To

“We’ve been lied to every day during this ‘debt ceiling’ dog and pony show.” (Rush Limbaugh) They had their “agreement” made, all along, and the “fight” was merely to convince us they were “doing something.” The Republicans are just as much at fault as the Democrats. Nothing was accomplished, but they think they can convince us there was. People who don’t pay attention will “buy their lies.” People who DO, will not.

JUST RAISE PRICES: Since the FAA is not operating because Congress neglected to fund their pay while they were diverted by the “debt ceiling” Armageddon, they can’t collect travel taxes on their tickets. So the airlines simply raised their fares a similar amount to the usual taxes and people are paying it.

SEE A GUN, GO BANANAS: On campus at Virginia Tech, some children saw a man with something “that looked like a gun” and they went bananas, called to cops, and the cops searched the campus, putting out an alert. Anti-gun nuts, instead of seeing to it that there were people working there who could get a “carry permit” got one and brought their guns to work to counter such things as a “crazed gunman” shooting everybody, insist on even further LIMITS on guns on campus, which will make it easier for the next “crazed gunman.”

CHAVEZ AND ORTEGA WITH PANETTA’S DAUGHTER: Both these “men” are bloody dictators. Both hate the United States. So what’s going on when dictator Chavez is pictured with his arm around her? Is this photo real? Or is it “photoshopped?” I’d like to know which, and if it’s real, why? What is WRONG with Panetta to allow this? And what is wrong with Obama to appoint Panetta to run the CIA with such connections in his family? We’d better find out fast.

LOST OUR CREDIT RATING: They told us if we didn’t let them raise the debt ceiling we’d lose our AAA credit rating and disaster would ensue. So we let them, and now we’ve lost our AAA credit rating anyway, and now they’re telling us it won’t be all that bad, after all. They don’t realize they’re admitting they lied to us all during that “dog and pony show.” They just think we’re too stupid to realize it. Spinnity spin, spin.

NATIONAL DEBT AT 100%: Our national debt now EQUALS our GDP (Gross Domestic Product). “Experts agree that NO country whose national debt was 100% of GDP has ever survived, economically. Oh, well; “experts” are often wrong. And soon Obama will begin “spinning” it, saying it’s “not all that bad.” Oh; sorry. NYT is already doing that for him.

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