Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dems Make Fools of Themselves (As Usual)

They continue to get up and make speeches about “tax cuts for the rich” after the House passed the “raising the debt ceiling” bill (right out of the liberal bullsh-t book) while the Republicans talk about it containing “no new taxes,” just like they promised. Who do you think is lying and who is telling the truth. The Dems should just shut their lying mouths and sit down.

LIBERALS SAVAGE CONSERVATIVES: Especially Tea Party members; mostly because they have nothing else. They want the liberal view to triumph, and it is not. They can’t come up with a good reason (or reasons) why this should happen so they resort to the usual liberal method of “name-calling. They call them ignorant, irresponsible, and even terrorists. All without a shred of any kind of evidence of any truth in their charges. Like most liberals, they simply hurl invective without regard for truth.

LISTEN CAREFULLY: When congresscritters talk, you have to listen carefully and “parse” what they say. They’re talking about “cutting spending,” but under “baseline budgeting,” all they’re talking about is not INCREASING spending, which will be scored by the CBO as “cost cuts.” Totally false, but that’s the way it is in Washington.

E-MAILS, PHONE CALLS, FAXES: People are constantly exhorting you to send communications to your congresscritter, hoping to influence their actions on legislation. They don’t read the legislation they pass into law, and they ignore all your efforts to change their minds on anything. So why bother?

IT ONLY SLOWS US DOWN: The “agreement” on the increase of the budget ceiling (which we increase every time we turn around) does NOTHING to reduce the amount of spending. Because of the “baseline budgeting” scam, ANY change to stop INCREASES in spending is scored by the CBO as a CUT. Meanwhile, nothing changes in the amount of spending. It just doesn’t go UP for a little while until Congress decides to increase it again.

IT’S ALL A CON: Everything you think you know about what’s going on in Washington is false. Because of the “baseline budgeting scam” everything you’re being told is a lie. The “baseline budgeting scam” is very simple: a percentage of INCREASE is AUTOMATICALLY added to the budgets of ALL agencies every year. That is taken into consideration when the Congressional Budget Organization (CBO) “scores” whatever happens in Washington so that a simple non-increase becomes a CUT, and all the politicians in Washington agree.

CONGRESS WORSE THAN INCOMPETENT: They were so consumed with that “raise the debt ceiling” dog and pony show and scam that they completely forgot to fund the FAA so FAA employees don’t get paid for the month Congress is “on vacation.” Does anybody think they’ll come back to vote on that? Not a chance. They don’t care about FAA employees, only about themselves.

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