Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea Party Members on Crack

That’s what liberal newspeople are now claiming. They really think they can make such pronouncements without ANY kind of proof, and we will believe their lies. They’re not only STUPID, they think WE are, too!

DEMANDING THE UNATTAINABLE: They say the Tea Party is insane for demanding the unattainable. Things like financial responsibility, smaller government, and the government actually OBEYING the Constitution. Yep. Those certainly ARE “unattainable” demands, all right. Especially as long as liberal Democrats are in charge.

NEVER ON FACTS: Liberals can’t win political arguments with facts; they have none. So they immediately start calling us names. Whenever they start calling you names, KNOW you’ve won the debate. They’ll never admit it, but you will still have won. Never quote them facts. Facts are lost on them. They have a “fact filter” and can’t hear you when you do.

ALL INDICATORS DOWN: National Debt now equals 100% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Experts (even liberal ones) agree no country whose national debt equals 100% of GDP has ever survived financially. How Obama expects us to be different is a mystery to me.

STIMULUS NOT WORKING: All last year Obama said, over and over, that his $800 BILLION dollar “stimulus” was working. It was NOT. Keynesian economics (government spending money they've taken from taxpayers) to improve the economy) is a long-discredited theory, yet people like Obama still insist on trying it.

80% SCHOOLS FAILED: They failed to meet the standards required by the “No Child Left Behind” program, designed to make teachers and schools responsible for children’s performance in school. School authorities are very “concerned” about this. So what are they going to do? Reduce the requirements, of course!

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