Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama All Mouth, No Action

He said radio/TV host Sean Hannity wouldn’t dare debate him because he’d “tear him up.” So Hannity invited him on his show and he chickened out. He’s all mouth and no action. Hannity’s invitation is still open and Obama is still “running for the hills.”

WHERE’S THE CIVILITY? The liberals (Democrats) whine all the time about “civility in politics” while people like Joe BitMe and Nancy Peelosi call conservatives and Tea Partiers “terrorists.” As usual, they don’t “practice what they preach.”

SOLD ANOTHER 150 VOLTS: We don’t know to whom they sold them, probably the government. But 150 Volts are not going to “save the environment.” If every car on the road were a Volt, we’d have to build a bunch more coal-fired power plants to make enough electricity to charge their batteries.

COMPROMISE: Who did the Republicans “compromise” with when the “agreement” was reached in the “debt ceiling increase” circus? What did the Democrats gain? What did they give up? No; any compromise that happened was ALL on the Republican side, “compromising” with themselves. Obama didn’t even put forth an idea, except to insist on “more taxes.” We’ve been scammed again!

OUR RATING MIGHT STILL BE REDUCED: Yes, we came up with an “agreement” to increase the debt ceiling, and right after, it was announced that our debt rating might STILL be reduced, as fears of a “new recession” loom. But we’re still IN a recession. We never left it. And we got no spending cuts and no commitments for any REAL spending cuts.

NEW ARMAGEDDON DAILY: That’s how politicians con us into doing their bidding. Create a crisis and talk about it every day while offering us a “solution” that gives the politicians what they want; usually higher taxes and more spending of our money. I call this “crisis government.”

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