Saturday, August 27, 2011

Liberals Don't Make Sense!

The biggest thing they want to do is take money away from the rich and prevent them from making any more. This is INSANE! If the “rich” didn’t make money, there’d be no jobs for the rest of us to use to make money for ourselves. Make it impossible for them to make money and you destroy the INCENTIVE for them to make money, which dries up the money available. They’re “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

STOP BEING WUSSES! It seems like everywhere you go, you “offend” somebody. We changed the name of the Dept. of War to the Defense Dept. so we wouldn’t sound so “war-like.” We changed the names of many other federal agencies for the same kind of reason: we don’t want to “offend” anybody. So what? There are people out there just WAITING to be “offended.” Why do we cater to them? We need to “man up” and tell these people where to put their being offended. It’s time we grew a backbone.

DECIDING WHICH LAWS TO ENFORCE: Obama has made it official. He will decide which laws he will enforce, no matter what the constitution says. He has announced he will enforce the immigration laws ONLY on those he “deems” it should be enforced upon. All others can ignore the law.

LIBS FRIGHTENED OF PERRY: They’re “pulling out all the stops” in their efforts to defame him, as they previously did with Sarah Palin. The reason? As with Palin, they know he doesn’t “follow the party line.” He makes his own decisions and implements them. So he frightens them. Both sides.

STUPID STATEMENT OF THE WEEK: “Unmistakably Texan, unabashedly conservative, Governor Rick Perry does not care about the overwhelming scientific evidence that global warming is largely produced by humans burning fossil fuels.” — ABC’s Jim Avila on Good Morning America Hey, Jim! There IS no such “overwhelming evidence” that global warming is produced by humans burning fossil fuel. It’s all OPINION of SOME people calling themselves scientists. None of it is based on REAL science.

WHO CREATES THE JOBS? Who is it that creates jobs for people in this country? How many people do the top 30 “rich” people employ? How about the rest of “the rich?” (Bill Gates and Microsoft alone employ THOUSANDS of people in well-paying jobs; they have not only employed thousands, they have created hundreds of RICH PEOPLE in the process. Has a poor person ever given you a job?

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