Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Ownership Is A Right

That’s what liberals (socialists) say. WRONG! Home ownership is NOT a “right” because somebody ELSE must pay for it. A “right” is NOT something that must be taken from somebody else before it is given to another. Only an imbecile believes home ownership is a “right.”

HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT: Same scam, different base. Health care must be paid for by SOMEBODY so it is NOT a “right. Those who think it is, are fools.

“CONSERVATIVE BIAS IN MEDIA?” Hardy her, har! Thanks; I needed a good laugh. Janine Garofolo thinks there is a conservative bias in media, but she is really stupid. Everything that comes out of her mouth is funny because it is so stupid. Nobody with even a GRAIN of intelligence (which she does not have) believes there is a CONSERVATIVE bias in media. All they have to do is look at what they “parrot” and what they ignore.

INFLATION: POLITICIAN’S BIGGEST MONEY-GRAB” It’s not only a “hidden tax” on ALL of us that doesn’t even need to pass the Congress, it is theft in its purest form.

REMEMBER SOTOMAYOR? When she was going around Washington campaigning for votes for her Supreme Court appointment, she made a statement about “wise latinos” being better judges than whites. That’s the DEFINITION of racism, and nobody noticed. At least, they never mentioned it. “Conservative bias?” Hardy har, har!

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: The only argument in politics is “who has the power.” It’s ALL about the power.” It’s all about the right of adults to make THEIR OWN decisions, rather that allowing the government to do it for them.

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