Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rachel Maddow Calls Rush A Racist (Again)

With no proof. Yes, she played a few clips out of context, one of which was about that “Magic Negro” thing a BLACK MAN came up with, and which Rush got the blame for because he used it. Every time I hear a liberal call ANY conservative a racist it tells me (again) they have nothing better. They can’t prove it, but they keep repeating it, hoping is sticks.

NO MENTION OF SPENDING: The media blames the “intransigence” of Republicans for the downgrading of our credit rating, but fails to mention the prolifigate spending and extravagance of Barack Obama. According to the liberal media, nothing is EVER Obama’s fault. It’s always the fault of those obstinate Republicans who insist on reason. Notice they never go into detail as to HOW it is their fault. That’s because there ARE no details they can cite.

WHY CHARLIE RANGEL?: Why does the likes of Fox News (the news channel Democrats say tells only lies) put Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY, tax dodger) to comment on economics? What earthly use could human beings make of the answers this tax-dodger gives? How does this man keep his seat in Congress? (Answer: he’s a Democrat!) Tax dodging and womanizing on our dime are resume enhancements for a Democrat.

WHY ASK KERRY ANYTHING? Fox News had former presidential candidate (loser) John Kerry on this Sunday, answering questions about our economy; right after Charlie Rangel, tax dodger. Why the hell do they only ask DEMOCRATS about things like that? It’s the DEMOCRATS who screwed the economy up so badly, in order to elect Democrats!

NO COMPROMISE? Obama gives Republicans hell for “not compromising,” but it is the Democrats who will not compromise. Democrats and Obama have come up with NO plans and NO budget. The Republicans have come up with several plans, one of which the Senate “tabled” immediately with NO discussion or debate, all of which they rejected. They didn’t even read them, but that’s not surprising since they usually don’t read the bills they pass into law, either. They “pass it so they can find out what’s in it.”

“STUCK IN A DITCH”: That’s how Obama described the economy during the last of the Bush administration. Now he describes the same, or worse as “a mere bump in the road.” Osama is an expert at changing the meaning of things. “Stuck in a ditch” under Bush becomes “A bump in the road” under himself. He talks about “change,” but so far, he has never told us what “change” MEANS under him. I’ll tell you what it means. “Change” under Obama means we go from a successful free market system to the always UNsuccessful socialist system.

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