Monday, May 14, 2018

Why's Flynn Still Charged?

Mueller's already ruined his life and made hij into a debtor, even though Comey actually TOLD Trump that neither he, nor his agents who questioned him thought Flynn had lied, but still Mueller forced Flynn to plead guilty to one count of lying to the FBI. Why did he plead guilty? To "make it stop." He had already lost his house, and was ruined financially by having to pay his lawyers all that money. He was at the end of his rope. They had "beaten him down." He pleaded guilty to END the attack upon himself. And, even though they ADMIT that he didn't lie, why are they still pursuing the case? Politics really confuses me, how it works, when charges may be pursued when they KNOW the subject is NOT GUILTY.

NO SIGN HE WAS LYING: The most recent revelations by Comey illustrate a simple fact. All you have to do is LOOK like you might be lying to have charges filed against you. And after day after day, week after week, month after month of questioning, during which you're piling up massive amounts of legal fees, you might decide to plead guilty, just to "make it stop." After that, you can figure out how to pay your lawyers and keep from losing your home, your car, your family, and everything else. All based on someone's OPINION about whether or not you LOOK like you may be lying.

"BLOOD IN THE STREETS?" Anti-gun fools predicted "blood in the streets" in Dallas because the NRA was coming to town with their convention. But a reality check is that crime WENT DOWN in Dallas during that convention. As usual, the anti-gun fools were WRONG. As they always are, because all their "predictions" are based on their anti-gun OPINIONS, not on any kind of FACT. Not even a computer model, such as they use to "prove" the global warming/climate change swindle. The same will be true of their "predictions" that TEACHERS will "go nuts" and kill their students if they are allowed to bring their LEGALLY-CARRIED guns to school. It won't happen, in either case. But that won't stop their ":set in stone" opinions.

TOM ARNOLD'S FOLLY: I can't believe the arrogance of washed up actor Tom Arnold. He's trying to resurrect a dying career with a new 8-part series on a minor league pretty much unknown TV channel (Vice Media Who?) that he "promises" will "end Trump's career." He really thinks he has that kind of power. The whole show is dedicated to bringing Trump down by searching high and low for recordings that, he hopes, will mean the end of Trump when exposed. Only problem is that if such "evidence" exists, it would have already been unearthed during the many "investigations" and "anal exams" already performed.

USELESS QUESTIONING: I just listened to the "dog and pony show" consisting of incessant questioning of the nominee for Director of the CIA, in which she was asked repeatedly if she personally thought "enhanced interrogation techniques" (torture) was "moral." Included in that description of torture was waterboarding, something that, while uncomfortable for the subject, was NOT real torture. But then I realized that the subjects of these "enhance interrogation" sessions were bloody murderers who tortured and murdered Americans and others at will. In one case, even BEHEADING a journalist on video, which was released to the world. The people who would do such things are not able to claim "morality" in their own treatment. They have LOST the right for ANYTHING that is done to them to be labeled "immoral."

ONE MAN’S OPINION: What fool keeps asking the question: "Should Trump just quit to avoid the shame of impeachment? What makes him think impeachment is ANYWHERE in Trump's future? Impeachment is only a fantasy of the Dumocrats. They have no grounds.... Hillary told the truth for once. She said that 41% of Dumocrats identified as socialists. Of course, a lot more ARE, they just don't "identify" as such.... Dumocrats said the NRA banned guns at their own event. As usual, that was a LIE.... Another lie is MSNBC's story about Trump's personal lawyer being wiretapped.... Somebody needs to tell former Sec. of State John Kerry he is no longer in that office, and his current efforts may be breaking the law. Or maybe he doesn't care, being pretty sure that, as a Dumocrat, he will not be prosecuted....

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