Thursday, May 3, 2018

Who Cares About Stormy?

The whole world seems to be coming apart over the "Stormy scandal." But is it a scandal? Who the hell CARES if Trump had a one-night stand with a porn star a long time BEFORE he ever considered running for president. This is a typical Dumocrat-created pseudo scandal that is designed to be "the smoking gun" to derail Trump. But it ain't agonna work, people! Nobody cares about Trump's sex life before he was a politician of importance. Just as they never cared about Bill Clinton's sex life while he was in the White House. One of these days we'll find out just what Stormy wants. Another payday? Publicity to make her flagging "career" more important? We don't know. Maybe we'll NEVER know.

CREATING HATE SPEECH: If they ever get a law passed to punish :"hate speech, forget the First Amendment. ANYBODY will be able to DECIDE that what someone says about them, be it truth or otherwise, is "hate speech," and therefore be subject to whatever punishment is "prescribed" in the "law" that allows it. Global warming fools are even now pushing the idea that disagreeing with their fool ideas should be a punishable thing. There's no telling where it will go if they ever get a LAW against "hate speech." People will DECIDE that anything you say can be "hate speech," and freedom of speech will disappear. Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished constitutional rights. And it will be GONE. Our rights are already gone in sexual harassment cases because "sexual assault" accusations without proof are ACCEPTED as "Gospel" and people are going to PRISON because of it.

DESTROYING BILL COSBY: I don't know yet if Bill Cosby is guilty or not. He has been convicted pf three counts in court. But even if he is layer vindicated by an appeals court, his career is OVER. He will NEVER get another job as a stand-up comedian, and will never be considered for a role on television or in a movie. So I guess it's good that he is 80 and still has a lot of money, gained from his earlier career--if it does not all go to his lawyers. But we have lost a truly funny comedian, forever. If he's guilty, he has it coming. But if not....

SICK COVERAGE: I just watched Bill Cosby drive home after being convicted. I didn't want to, but all during the time the prosecutor spoke to the media about how guilty he was, and how hard they worked to convict him, on the left side of the screen, a helicopter followed his black SUV as he drove home. Now that helicopter is hovering over his home with nothing in the scene but two security men standing outside. That kind of coverage of ANY event like this sickens me--and I'd guess, much of the rest of the world. I notice they heard, tight away, from Gloria Allred and her henchmen, but NOT from Cosby or any of his people. As I write this, the prosecutor is still expounding on how EVIL he is, while the camera on the left pans over his neighborhood.

SUBLIMELY IGNORANT POLITICIANS: A video has been made by a FOOL. George Scott, Dumocrat) from somewhere, they don't say), thinks AR-15s are "weapons of war" and, as such, a citizen has no reason to own one. so he's basing his campaign for Congress on hatred for it. He, like other anti-gun fools, completely discounts the unalterable FACT that people who IGNORE laws have them, and when faced by one, only an AR-15 or gun like it will do for defense. He ignores the fact that disarming yourself is NOT the way to self defense, like all anti-gun fools.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: College snowflakes that hijacked an alumni event say, "Punishing us would hurt us mentally." No kidding! You've certainly got it coming. You should have thought of that before you did it. You think hijacking that event didn't hurt others mentally?. I guess all you care about is yourself.... Every time I see, or hear about Colin Kaepernick, I want to call, "BS!" (That's "bull droppings!) Same when I see or hear of that teenage fool, David Hogg. Both are damned fools, pushing ideas they don't understand, and won't hear any opposition to their lame ideas.... Stephanopolous asked Comey if he didn't think Trump had a right to know the "Steele Dossier" was opposition research paid for by Hillary, and he said "I don't know." If he DIDN'T know, he's stupid as well as corrupt.... Prince Harry has announced the name of his best man. As if anyone cared beyond British shores....

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