Friday, May 11, 2018

What Have Democrats Done?

The Dumocrats like to talk about the "Blue Wave" that is coming in the 2018 elections, that is going to "sweep them back into power" so they can finally get rid of Trump. reverse his tax cuts, cause the unemployment rate to go back up from it's current 3% (a level not seen in recent years), and bring the stock market back down to the levels they're used to. They promise a return to massive unemployment and the destruction of many businesses, including the coal industry. What have they even DONE to make voters love them so much it will overcome Trump's 87% approval rate? All they have done since losing the 2016 election is sow "Trump hate" amongst themselves, while the voters, whose opinion really counts, LOVE him and wish him to continue his successful efforts to "drain th swamp."

UK OUTRAGED OVER TRUTH: There have been many stories in the "alternative media" about the number of KNIFE deaths in the UK since they made such a big thing abut almost completely BANNING guns there, and knife injuries took over, predictably. They say the stories are "absurd and offensive" to the families of knife victims. They say the families of children killed in knife attacks are offended by Trump's remarks at the NRA meeting. They hate his claiming that the right to bear arms could make a difference in "battling gang violence." Never mind what he said it absolutely true. Their outrage comes from the sure knowledge that they are WRONG, and he's right.

MUELLER'S OBVIOUS SCAM: His "investigation" is simple to understand. He finds former Trump associates and calls them in to answer questions, the answers to which he KNOWS, over and over again, waiting for a faulty memory to make a wrong answer he can call a "lie," and file charges against the witness. Meanwhile, the witness is piling up legal fees until he loses his home and finds his reputation in shreds. Mueller is waiting for the witness to meet his "breaking point" where he will plead guilty to ANYTHING, just to "make it stop." Then he hopes he can "flip" the witness and cause him to say whatever Mueller wants him to say, true or not. Something he can then use against Trump.

BIG NRA PROTEST FIZZLE: The anti-gun fools promised a big protest at the recent NRA meeting, and almost a half dozen showed up. Big fizzle. Cops "expected" large turnouts of anti-gun protesters at the NRA event, but they couldn't even get a half dozen. I guess the support for their silly anti-gun laws isn't very strong, after all. They made a big thing in New York about the NRA having to "go underground" and rent a hall under a false name, thinking that was a real indication they were :in the wrong." But actually, all it was, is an indication of how wrong the anti-gun fools are. They tried to get what they couldn't get in law by pressure on the owners of such halls, and even that didn't work.

WHY DO IT? Why do politicians keep trying to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution? They know that's what they're attempting, and it's wrong. But they not only keep doing it, they "jump up and down" and shout, "Look at me! I'm taking guns away, making you defenseless! Elect me so I can do it better than my opponent!" That's what's happening in Colorado, right now. One politician is running for governor on a strict anti-gun fool platform. Living in Denver as he does, among Dumocrats, he thinks that will get him elected. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the state is NOT dominated by Dumocrats.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Is Hillary a capitalist, as she claims? Yes. For herself, at least. But she wants socialism for the rest of us.... As promised. Wendy's is yet another outfit putting in self-ordering kiosks and reducing the hours of work for the untrained beginning workers they hire who want the same money as experienced workers without having the experience.... It's all they've got. Dumocrats keep accusing trump of things they can't prove, while ruining the lives of his staff. Meanwhile, Trump goes about successfully undoing all their crap, as if they didn't exist. And they don't, as far as he is concerned.... So what if Trump had a one-night-stand with Stormy Daniels a decade or more ago. If he even did, it's less important than Clinton's rapes ever were.... Thug Kim Jong Stupid used Otto Warmbier for political purposes, using him up in the process, and figuratively sending him home in a body bag, Now he waddles down to hall to a meeting with Trump, as if he were important....

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