Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Swamp Dweller Loses

A major ally of Bob Mueller, one who has filed useless suit after suit in his quest to derail Trump and HIS efforts to "drain the swamp" has "drained himself." It seems like many more Dumocrats are the sexual perverts they like to paint Republicans as being, Yes, one or two Republicans ARE sexual perverts, Most of the accusations and charges made against Republicans don't hold water under real scrutiny, but those lodged against Dumocrats do. Such a case is (former) NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has "had it out" for Trump for a long time, and willfully used the powers of his office in an effort to smear Trump. He claimed to be a stout supporter of women's rights while beating the hell out of many different women with whom he had sex, threatening them with disaster if they ever talked. Some of them talked, anyway.

ENDING THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE: Dumocrats know where they lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, although Hillary keeps coming up with other excuses almost every day, it seems. It was in the Electoral College, a system set up by the Founders when they wrote the Constitution. A system meant to keep the liberal coastal states from dominating a presidential election, since they are such populous states, and are populated by mostly liberals (tories). It was set up to allow less populous states to have equal footing with overpopulated with liberals coastal states, now known as "blue states." Now they're working very hard to END the Electoral College system. Changing the rules, mid-game.

ANTI-GUN ABSURDITIES: I am convinced that the government, at all levels, wants to keep Americans from being able to defend themselves. To do that. they want to criminalize ANY item that can be used in self defense, especially guns. Way back when, I was in security, I did a stakeout on a gas station we thought was the next target of a robber who was going  around the city robbing gas stations. But he outsmarted us and robbed a different station, drawing me away from the one I was sitting on, then he murdered the guy working there. They thought I might be the killer and put me in jail overnight. When my lawyer got me out the next morning, they kept my nightstick, saying it was a "dangerous weapon." Shutting down an anti-gun fool is easy. Just ask him, "What makes you think disarming yourself is the way to self defense?"

CONFIRMING GINA HASPELL: The Dumocrats did everything in their power to deny Gina Haspell the job of Director of the CIA, in spite of the fact that many, INCLUDING Obama's former Director, said they should approve her. Most wanted her to be denied because she was "too hard on Islamic terrorists." Frankly, I think she was too EASY on them. People who do the things they do don't DESERVE consideration. Besides, she was doing what these very people ORDERED her to do. Now they want to punish her for it.

UN: DISARM YOUR PEOPLE: The United Nations is run by dictators from all over the world. They just don't understand a country that allows its citizens to be armed for self defense, even against its own government. None of them have such a thing, so their first answer to "the gun problem" is to take guns away from the law-abiding. That this makes it even easier for the lawbreakers to victimize the law-abiding doesn't enter into their thinking. They confidently tell us how effective are laws that keep guns out of the hands of the law-abiding, completely ignoring figures that prove that to be a LIE.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: One of the Mueller goals is to make good people fear working for Trump because they fear they will later be subjected to an "anal examination" by Dumocrats, and running them broke, to enhance that fear.... Right after Dick's Sporting goods announced it was discriminating against people who wanted to buy guns, it was announced that the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the world's largest umbrella association of firearms related businesses was cutting Dick's off.... Hillary now thinks she lost because she's a capitalist. If that's true, we're in a big bunch of doo-doo. Neither she, nor others know what socialism IS. It's the worst kind of bad. and they don't realize it. It's a system based on thievery from the producer of new wealth, for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING....

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