Friday, May 4, 2018

Stopping Pro-Gun Meetings

In New York, they want to stop pro-gun folks from even having MEETINGS to discuss the useless "gun rights controversy." By so doing, they hope to cripple our defenses to their silly laws by taking away our tight to even have MEETINGS about it. Not mentioned is trying to stop ANTI-gun meetings. Of course, to do so is a violation of the Constitution, but liberals just IGNORE that "august document" when it limits their dictatorial powers over the rest of us. Any law such as this will ultimately (hopefully) be declared unconstitutional, but not until it has been enforced for a time, and the damage has been done.

FORCING NRA "UNDERGROUND": Some New York politicians are crowing about the fact that the NRA recently had to rent a hall under a different name to avoid their unconstitutional pressure for their citizens to NOT allow them to have meetings in opposition to gun control. They arrogantly think that's a GOOD THING, when it is NOT. It is a violation of the "free assembly" clause in the Constitution, the document to which ALL LAWS must conform. They arrogantly think they can ignore it, make their laws, and enforce them, without consequences. But such laws will eventually be DECLARED unconstitutional, and thrown out with the other trash. But not until after maybe YEARS in which they are enforced, and the damage has been done.

"BABOON BUTT TRUMP": The Dumocrats are working hard to convince the voters that trump is "dumb as a stump." And truthfully, some of the things he does and says tend to add to the show. But what he DOES is a different thing, altogether. The Dumocrats just can't understand that being a "baboon butt" is all part of his strategy. It causes his enemies to underestimate him, to their chagrin. He might look like he doesn't know what he's doing, but in the end, he usually always wins. And that's what counts. he's got 'em right where he wants 'em.

THE NEW SOCIALIST PARTY: They call it the Democrat Party. I call it the Dumocrat Party. But if you look at what they have proposed, and even enacted recently, they should change the name to the "New Socialist Party."Obamacare, for instance, is PURE socialism. It depends on the younger people they FORCE into the program to bring the money they will use to pay the bills for the older people, who tend to use more of their services. Elsewhere, they want taxpayers to pay the college tuition for ALL students. They'd also like for there to be a minimum salary for ALL Americans, whether they work, or not. Paid for, of course, by their excess taxation. All this is CLASSIC socialism.

"ONE-TRICK PONY": Teenage terror David Hogg is a "one-trick pony." whenever he runs into ANY opposition to his ignorant anti-gun fool crap, he calls for a boycott. And when he does, sales of that item or viewers to the shows that are his targets INCREASE. He has single-handedly done more to help Laura Ingraham increase her viewership than all the money her producers spent promoting her show. But still David jumps up and down, calling for boycotts here and there, helping all kinds of people do more business. Keep at it, David! You're good for business!

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberals are now "reporting" that Trump "admitted" that that lawyer whose offices were raided represented him (in some things). As if confirming it was somehow an admission of guilt--or something.... California is making a law that makes it clear that Christians are not welcome there--like who cares? I'm not sure anybody with any intelligence wants to go there.... Is Google stupid, or what? They are trying to get Christians to remove references to Christ and the Bible from their advertisements. What FOOLS they are!.... The war on Christianity is gaining ground in Californicatora, folks. They're making a law to CRIMINALIZE the sale of the Bible there. They're taking off the gloves, and letting the world know about their hatred for Christians in that state.... Dumocrats are still pushing the "pee tape," even though it has been proven a LIE many tines over. They think if they repeat the lie often enough, people will come to believe it. Unfortunately, those who "pay no attention to politics" and still vote, WILL. Those with intelligence will NOT....

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