Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How We Get Socialism

Liberal politicians promote things that appeal those who want to live at the expense of others. You know, the lazy ones who want to ride in the wagon while it is being pushed by others. They vote those politicians in, and they get laws passed to give away other people's money, not their own. If you object, they accuse you of "not caring" about "those less fortunate." They accuse you of "not paying your fair share." Nothing is said about the moochers in society not paying THEIR fair share.

THE DEMOCRAT SCAM: Dumocrats don't expect to find any evidence of Trump's "collusion" with the Russians. That's not their scam. They know there is no such evidence to be found. What they're doing is RUINING Trump people financially with their incessant "investigations" that require them to spend more money than they have on legal fees, until they get "worn down" and will plead guilty to anything, just to make it stop. It happened to General Kelley, and it's happening to others. Ex Trump aide Michael Caputo recently told Dumocrat members of one such "investigation" that THEY were "part of the swamp," and then said, God damn you to hell!" He told of losing his home and having to move in with his ailing father. It's all part of the Dumocrat scam.

DID HILLARY COLLUDE WITH RUSSIA? That's a question that has a positive answer. She did. It's PROVABLE. But nobody seems to be interested in following up on that proof. Why is that? The "fix is in." It has been in from the beginning. The Dumocrat Party "stacked the deck" for her to win the primaries, no matter how many primaries she LOST, by setting up a "special delegate" system so that, no matter how many she lost, she always came away with more delegates. She paid MILLIONS for the Russia-backed "Steele Dossier" that was ultimately used to get a "special counsel" appointed to "get Trump." even though, after more than a year, he has not been able to do it. Still nobody's interested. The "fix" is really IN! It's "Liberal Privilege."

DEATH PENALTY FOR DISAGREEING? That's what liberals think, anyway. At least the Crips do. They want to "put a hit" out on Kanye West because of his recent conservative views. I guess he was right when he said black people were still slaves when it comes to having their own opinions or needing to "follow the hive thinking." But now it's a choice. Since Kanye is now voicing opinions in opposition to "the hive," they want to kill him--or at least beat him into a bloody pulp. I guess we just found out the Crips are liberals. We knew it, but now we have proof.

WILL TRUMP GET A NOBEL? I understand a number of Republicans (no Dumocrats) are trying to get Trump nominated for a Peace Prize because he got Kim Jong Srupid to the table. Since they gave Obama a Nobel "on the come" for things he MIGHT do in the future (but didn't), they think getting Kim to talk should quality him. But with the liberal makeup of the Nobel Committee, I very much doubt he will get one. Liberals only give "awards" to other liberals, and it doesn't matter whether or not they really deserve them. For instance, they gave MSNBC an award recently for "excellence in journalism" for a "fake news" report about that infamous Dumocrat paid for "Steele Dossier."

ONE MAN’S OPINION: It's almost as if Dumocrats don't want to get elected! Nancy Peelosi is now threatening gun control if they take back control in Congress in November.... The liberals like to call the Republicans "mean-spirited." But there is no more "mean-spirited" group than Dumocrats and other liberals. They proved it again the other night at the White House Correspondent's Dinner with all their unwarranted insults to ANYBODY on" the other side." People like Rush Limbaugh and President Trump now refuse to go there and sit through the insults--which aren't funny.... Kim Jong Stupid says he'll stop his nuclear research if we'll promise not to invade him. He's the only one who has ever thought we would invade him. He's not important enough to invade, unless he attacks us first....

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