Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Desperation Move

The Dumocrats are now SUING President Trump, the Republican Party, Russia, and everyone else they can think of, alleging "collusion" to get Trump elected, something they've been trying to prove for a year and a half. and have come up with NOTHING. They really think they can make such a suit work in the ABSENCE of proof of ANY collusion. Of course, they have lots of YOUR dollars in their coffers to spend on this desperation move, which is going to go NOWHERE. They have to know it will go nowhere, but they hope if they can get in front of the right judge (a liberal). they can milk it for all it's worth.

GETTING OUT OF CLASS: Anything to get a day off from school. Thousands of high schoolers are cutting class to demonstrate for more and more USELESS gun laws that do NOTHING to stop mass shooters from coming into their school and killing a few of them. They're calling it a demonstration commemorating the Columbine High School killings. But most of them weren't even ALIVE when that happened. They've been listening to the drivel put out by the anti-gun fools, who promote laws that are USELESS to stop, or even slow down such killings. They are IGNORANT, but that doesn't stop them, when adults, who should know better, listen to them, and actually DO the stupid things they promote.

RUNNING AS A SOCIALIST: Some Dumocrats are actually telling the truth about their socialist leanings. I guess they think that can't hurt them, as it has, in the past. I'm glad to hear it. It makes them easier to identify, and in America, that WILL hurt them, in the long run, since America is adamantly opposed (except for leftists) to socialism. If they prevail, I'm glad I won't be around long enough to have to suffer under the kind of government they will bring. Obama and Hillary are both socialists, but they didn't admit it. So a lot of good people bought their bull droppings.

LOSING RUSH LIMBAUGH: David Remnick and Ross Douthat (who are they?), both New York liberals, have asked the question, "How do we get rid of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News
so conservatism can reclaim itself?" I got news for ya, dumb butts, conservatism doesn't NEED "to reclaim itself." It is what it is; the opposite of your stupid liberalism. Rush and Fox ARE conservatism. They have reinvigorated conservatism. I know Rush reinvigorated me, after years of my bemoaning the apathy I saw in the sixties. I'm not a pure conservative. I'm a "rational individualist." But conservatism is close to what I am, and I am what I am today BECAUSE of Rush. Ever since I got a chance to listen to him on my brother's porch in the eighties. Thank GOD for Rush!

"INFILTRATING" THE DEMOCRATS: There's a story in the liberal media all over the place about how the Koch Brothers "infiltrated" the Republican Party, and the Trump administration. That's HILARIOUS! Especially when you think of where most of the money the Dumocrats use to vilify Republicans generally, and Donald Trump, specifically, comes from. Is it George Soros, and Tom Steyer "infiltrating" the Dumocrat Party? It's an old story for the Dumocrats to criticize the Republicans for the very things they are doing, themselves, while putting the most evil "spin" on it. The Koch Brothers, AND George Soros and Tom Steyer are not "infiltrating" anything. They are merely major donors to their political party and candidates of their choice. Which is perfectly legal.

"PROTECTING" BOB MUELLER: The Dumocrats keep beating many dead horses in their attempts to derail a legitimately-elected president, Donald Trump. They need to "pull back" and accept the unalterable fact that the voters rejected their hand-picked candidate, Hillary Clinton, and elected Donald Trump to the presidency. It has happened before. the Dumocrats have lost. But they have never reacted with this intense irrational behavior before (in my memory, at least, and my memory goes back to FDR). One of their most recent dead horses is that they suspect Donald Trump is going to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller. But the only people who think that are the Dumocrats, and they're trying to make  a LAW preventing Tump from firing him, when it is only Dumocrats who think he wants to..

ONE MAN’S OPINION: David Hogg, that teenaged would-be bully, now has a book deal, thus showing (again) the stupidity of some liberal book publishers. Its title is, "Not Only Clueless, But Shameful." Which I think he refers to Trump, but it better describes Hogg, himself.... Michael Moore told Trump to "grow a pair." Moore's big problem is that he can't find his.... Just read a headline saying David Hogg's "15 minutes of fame" are over. One would certainly hope so, since he, like most people at that age, thinks he knows it all, while he actually knows nothing. And the liberal media allows it.... A college student recently got dumped from a class because he believed the unalterable truth, that there are only TWO genders, male and female. That all others the liberals tout are only in their feeble imaginations. Anybody who thinks otherwise is deluded....

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