Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Cultural Appropriation"

A girl wore a Chinese-style dress to her prom, and liberals went bananas. They say she's guilty of "cultural appropriation" for wearing it. What a bunch of FOOLS they are! The Chinese don't OWN those designs, no more than Americans own western garb. Anybody is entitled to wear anything they want, and the liberals can "stick it" where the sun doesn't shine. I'm getting very tired of all the CRAP the liberals want to foist upon us in the name of "speech control." Otherwise known as "political correctness." They don't get to DICTATE what we can say or do to please them.

CRITICIZING ANTI-TRUMP COMEDY: There has been much criticism of the way Sarah Sanders was treated at the White House Press Dinner. It was so moldy. even liberals didn't like it. They say we didn't say much about the way other Republicans were treated, like there was any comparison. Their treatment of Sarah was an outgrowth of the "over the top," unspeakable treatment of President Trump, and it is reprehensible. Sarah is the innocent victim of their vitriol, and she doesn't deserve it. They just don't like the way she "shuts them down" when they LIE. And she always does it with class.

TRUMP'S 87% APPROVAL: Liberals (Dumocrats) think they have Trump "on the ropes" because they hate him. They think that translates into the VOTERS hating him, too. It does NOT, as proven by the most recent numbers. Trump has an 87% approval rate, in spite of all they could do to depress it. Can you remember another president with a REAL approval rate that high? Trump is GOING TO win. It's written. He has their number, whether they know it, or not. He is so much smarter than them, it is funny. And they're too damned stupid to know it.

"KANYE WEST NEEDS HELP": He needs help to formulate some of his thoughts." Like being beaten to a bloody pulp by members of the Crips, as suggested by other liberals. It's as if disagreeing with liberals like "Mad Max" Maxine Waters is a mental aberration, when in actuality, it is "Mad Max" who has the mental aberration. It amazes me the ARROGANCE with which liberals operate. They think, like young kids, they know it all, when they know NOTHING. They are the definition of IGNORANCE.

KATHY SHOWS HER IGNORANCE: She tells the Deputy Press Secretary to "Suck my d-ck!" Which makes me wonder if she actually knows whether or not she HAS one. Sounds like she's still blaming someone else for her troubles (a la Hillary) when he brought them all on herself. With this crack, she has demonstrated her total STUPIDITY. She needs to just shut up and go away, and maybe then people will forget her ignorance and maybe she can salvage her career.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Dumocrats destroyed a good man with their unproven, unsourced accusations, some of which have already been proven to be false. Admiral Jackson has been a faithful "official doctor" in the White House through THREE presidents, all of which praised him highly. But Dumocrats destroyed him anyway, because it was Trump who appointed him to run the VA.... Isn't it funny that a bar can boot Trump supporters, but a bakery can't refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding. It's a definite double standard, and they don't care if we know it as long as they can enforce it.... Mueller has nothing. so he "doubles down" on his accusations against a duly elected president, trying valiantly to get him into a position where he can "trap" him into making a misstatement he can call a lie....

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