Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Why Vote Democrat--EVER?

Nancy Peelosi, the Dumocrat House MINORITY leader is "champing at the bit." She HATES Trump's massive tax cuts, and says what taxpayers will get will be "crumbs," and the cuts will "cripple" the government. This, in spite of absolute PROOF that tax increases ALWAYS mean an INCREASE in the "tax take." She wants to rescind them if the Dumocrats take over the Congress in November. She promises tax INCREASES, and the IMPEACHMENT of President Trump. This, notwithstanding the fact that she has NO GROUNDS for impeachment of this president, She figures she can "trump up" something, when she becomes majority leader again.

YOU'RE A POTENTIAL TERRORIST: That's right. If you talk about state's rights. or individual liberties, you're a "potential terrorist." according to liberals in the government. If you want to "defeat the communists," you are. Those who think the interests of our nation are more important than those of any other nation, likewise. Anyone who exhibits intolerance for other people's religions (except for Muslims, of course), those who are anti-gay, or anti Muslim, or are members of the "patriot movement," members of the Family Research Council or the American Family Association. And anyone opposed to the New World Order. In other words, ANYBODY who is NOT liberal. If you disagree with liberals, you're a "potential terrorist."

SHE DIDN'T KNOW? Rosie O'Donnell says she "didn't know" she was breaking the law with her "too large" donations to various liberals, even though she used 4 phony names and 5 phony addresses. Oh. So I guess they can't prosecute her for election fraud, as they didn't prosecute Hillary because she "had no intent" to violate the law in the many cases where she did just that. Apparently, both enjoy "liberal privilege" that means they can violate the law at will without being punished, if they claim they "didn't know" they were breaking the law, or "didn't intend to." I guess that's why so many liberals who obviously break the law never get punished.

ANTI-GUN DISCRIMINATION: In the old days, businesses, mostly in the South, refused to do business with black people, and they were supported by law. I remember in N. Carolina, a restauraunt once called the cops on me because they thought I was black and was insisting in being served. That is gone. It is now UNLAWFUL to discriminate against black people. The new discrimination is against gun makers and sellers, and gun owners. Banks are unilaterally closing the accounts of ANYBODY engaged in the gun business, or even OWNING a gun. Housing developers are banning gun owners from their projects. Restaurants are demanding armed police on duty leave their guns in their cars on entering to eat. Never mind discrimination is ILLEGAL, but they know they won't be punished, so they do it, anyway.

SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE: Sauce for the gander. The anti-gun fools call the NRA "terrorists," so why shouldn't the NRA call the anti-gun fools terrorists? And that's what the "newly minted" NRA President, Oliver North, has done, getting right to work to put his brand on the organization. Somehow, I think he will be a little more than a figurehead. North has proven in the past that he is a fighter, if nothing else. And a fighter is just what the NRA needs, with anti-gun sentiment intensifying. Not that it is increasing, just that the anti-gun fools are intensifying their efforts to destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberals don't have much REAL to gripe about if they are so "outraged" about a young girl's choice of prom dresses.... Making up outrages. White House "reporter" says she "felt threatened" by Sarah Sanders' reply to her question because she said she "didn't know much about me." Seems to me she's HUNTING for something to be offended by if she has to read something Sarah didn't mean into her words.... A few years ago the government went after banks who wouldn't make loans to those they knew couldn't repay them, saying that was "redlining" people. Now they WANT banks to "redline" people in the gun business because the Constitution prevents the government from doing it.... A candidate for Congress claims an AR-15 can fire 150 rounds in 15 SECONDS! That's physically IMPOSSIBLE! And these fools get elected when they know NOTHING about guns! When you elect these fools, you get what you voted for.... 

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