Monday, May 7, 2018

The New Discrimination

It's the new discrimination. We almost got rid of irrational racism before Obama started calling ALL people who disagreed with him racists. And now we have a new form of discrimination--against the NRA, and anybody in the gun making or selling business. Many liberal-owned businesses, especially banks, are refusing to do business with anybody who agrees with the NRA, or has anything to do with making, selling, or repairing guns. That's rank DISCRIMINATION. Meanwhile, Muslims and gays canvass bakeries trying to find one that refuses to do business with them on religious grounds so they can sue them out of business and get a big payday. The double standard is obvious.

CALLING US NAMES: The Dumocrats (liberals) have no real answers to what we say about them, so they immediately start calling us names, hoping by so doing, it won't be noticed that they have no real answers. They call us Nazis. racists, homophobes, Islamaphobes, child molesters, etc. All with NO EVIDENCE that their slurs are based on truth. In fact, they are usually guilty of the very things they attribute to us. But that's how they do it. Lie, lie, lie, and DARE us to prove them wrong, knowing it is difficult, if not impossible to prove a negative. Name-calling has always worked for them, so they keep doing it.

WHY SO STUPID? I just can't understand why we (not me) elect so many STUPID politicians who actually think disarming yourself is the way to self defense, and that LAWBREAKERS will somehow OBEY the piddling little laws they make to "keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys." Something they NEVER do. They just don't understand that their silly laws only keep guns away from the LAW-ABIDING, who aren't the problem, anyway. All they do is make it easier for those who DON'T obey laws to victimize those of us who DO. We keep telling them this, but they never listen. They keep on making their stupid, USELESS laws that the bad guys routinely IGNORE while they go right on victimizing us.

SCHOOL KNIFE ATTACK: You won't hear about this attack in the liberal media because it doesn't promote their narrative. In communist China, it is almost impossible to get a gun legally. So guns are few and far between--except in the hands of criminals and terrorists, who get their guns ILLEGALLY. But that didn't stop the guy who went into a school and started stabbing children. He killed SEVEN defenseless children that way. As they say in this article, "Criminals will find a way." No amount of useless gun laws will stop a determined killer from killing. All they do is stop the law-abiding from being able to defend themselves, and gets them KILLED.

KATHY GRIFFITH'S A BITCH: She got herself in trouble with that infamous "severed head" photo, and she's obviously blaming Trump for all her problems. Like a "good Dumocrat," she's blaming others for troubles she made for herself, and shows her "potty mouth" while she does it. She recently went on "The View" and made an obscenity-laced reversal of her "apology" to Bush for that "severed head" thing. I guess she's mad that her career is "over" because of her own stupidity, and she blames Trump for it. I notice that she recently cut most of her hair off, and it was for the worst. She at least used to look good, but now looks like a damned fool.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Crazy politicians are trying to KILL a baby in England (Update" they succeeded), and now they want to CRIMINALIZE those who speak out in opposition to the murder..., Ignoring the Constitution, California is making a law to not only ban the Bible, but all conservative writings. they seem to forget the First Amendment.... Stupid, stupid, stupid! The "thought police" at "Indiana University in Pennsylvania" bounced a student because he believes there are only TWO genders, no matter what lies liberals want to spin.... Sen. Camilla Harris (D-CA) says, "Assault weapons shouldn't be walking the streets of a civilized nation." I got a clue for ya, Camilla, honey: They are NOT. PEOPLE carrying them, legal and ILLEGAL are walking the streets. Assault weapons can't walk....

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