Wednesday, May 2, 2018

News They Won't Use

The anti-gun fools tell you that people NEVER use a legal gun for self defense. That's a LIE. People have used a gun for self defense approximately 2.5 MILLION times a year. That's a lot of times, especially considering how hard they make it for people to even GET a gun legally, claiming disarming people is "for self defense." It is NOT. You do NOT defend yourself by making yourself DEFENSELESS. But you can't convince these anti-gun FOOLS of this simple truth. So the Center for Disease Control (CDC) did a study that revealed this--and they BURIED it.

DOUBLING DOWN ON THE LIE: They couldn't prove it in the usual way, so now they're SUING. The Dumocrats have blamed an imaginary "collusion" between the Russians and Trump for him getting elected when they thought they had the deck truly stacked for Hillary to be elected president, so she could help them continue to fleece the nation. There is no proof to be had that Trump colluded with the Russians, although there IS proof that HILLARY and the Dumocrats DID collude with the Russians. Their thesis flies in the face of reality, because it is HILLARY the Russians would have preferred in the presidency because she is, and always has been, a dedicated SOCIALIST, and Donald Trump is NOT

TRAVELING POLITICIANS: The day is coming where politicians travel the country running for office if they can't seem to get elected in their own places (or it is already here). Dumocrats do it all the time. Hillary Clinton, for instance, lived in Arkansas for much of her early life, but she ran for, and won (with a convenient Dumocrat "fix"), a seat as a senator from New York. Obama did it, too, before they set him up to become president. Republicans also do it. Mitt Romney is a consummate "New England politician" who was defeated in his run for president. so now he's running to be a senator from UTAH! If he loses there, he will someday pop up on the ballot from IDAHO, or Washington State. Anywhere they can dupe people into voting for this loser.

PROMOTING RACISM: I get pretty tired of hearing about "white privilege" and other names for the black against white racism liberals are promoting. They SAY they hate racism, while actively PROMOTING it. They even teach courses IN "white privilege" in college, just as if it were something real. It is NOT. It is a MYTH, promoted by those who want to start a new race war, this time with blacks "on top." The real racism is "on the wane," and has been for years--until Barack Obama started blaming ALL the opposition to his ignorant policies on racism, while his acolytes "took up the din," proclaiming racism to be on the RISE in America. It is NOT.

IS TRUMP "UNHINGED?" Trump gave an interview the other day, in which he gave some opinions about all the "investigations" out there with the goal of "getting rid of him." Liberals and other fools are saying his answers are proof that he is "unhinged." Not so. What heard was a man who was "fed up" with all the "witch hunts" ongoing out there, where the standard of proof is turned just backward from what we're used to. Instead of him being "innocent until PROVEN guilty," he's "guilty until proven innocent." All I hear in his voice is righteous indignation. Meanwhile Democrats and other fools are "not guilty under any circumstances."

"WHEN KANYE MAKES SENSE": Glenn Beck says, "You know the world is upside down when Kanye West makes sense." It's funny he should say that, because in fact, who cares what Kanye West says, any time. He is a very unimportant person in any political sense. He may be important in the music industry, or that industry that supports the Kardashian industry (sometimes called an "empire.") But he is unimportant in any other place. I know he likes Trump now, and that's nice. It's nice when anybody comes to his senses. But I couldn't care a whit about what he says or thinks, on anything. That's the big problem in this world. Too many otherwise intelligent people are dumb enough to put stock in what somebody as unimportant as he is says. They need to "grow up" and find out what is really important in the world.

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