Thursday, May 10, 2018

Is Conservative News Dead?

It is, according to Allen West, who reports that Zuckerberg, boss of Facebook, is setting up systems to "decide" what is "newsworthy" or not. Translation: "censor-worthy." I don't know what the big deal is, Facebook isn't the ONLY place people can go to get their news. It's just ONE outlet, and if it censors conservatives, they should go somewhere else. There are many news sources on the Internet, and on television. Then there are still a few newspapers left that do not censor other than liberal news There are also many blogs, such as mine, they can go to. We don't NEED Face book. It needs US!

GOVERNMENT MURDERS ALFIE EVANS: Promoters of universal health care, run by the government, want you to believe what they're pushing is to "save lives" and "help people." But the reality, as proven by the death of little Alfie Evans, is NOT to protect us, but to RULE us. In Alfie's case, they not only withheld life-saving treatment, they posted ARMED GUARDS on his room to keep his parents from rescuing him. Even the POPE wanted to help keep him alive, and his efforts were repulsed. If the government, anywhere, gets control of the health care system, they will assume the "right" to decide who lives or dies. And once they get the power, there isn't a helluvs lot we can do about it.

HILLARY'S NEW EXCUSE: She's now saying, "Me identifying as a capitalist probably cost me he election." This woman is painfully deluded! How she figures she "identified as a capitalist," (Thanks, Hillary, I needed a good belly laugh) I don't know, since she is a dedicated SOCIALIST, and that shows in everything she supports. She wants the government (meaning the taxpayer) to pay for the tuition for ALL college students, and she agrees with "Crazy Bernie" Sanders' wish to give EVERYBODY a salary, whether they work or not. That is NOT capitalism, it's SOCIALISM. Somebody needs to wake this broad up to reality, and send her home to her million dollar mansion.

FULL OF HERSELF: Michelle Obama says she is our "forever first lady." What a FOOL she is! Moreso even than that idiot named Barack. He still thinks he was the best president ever, even though he was the WORST. And his fool wife isn't any better. What makes her think she is our "forever first lady" is a mystery. All I know is that she is the most arrogant woman in the country. It's all because she's black. She figures that gives her special status. It does NOT. Somebody needs to slap her down and straighten her out.

DESPERATE TO BE OFFENDED: That describes liberals. They don't have anything REAL for which to be offended, so they manufacture them. A recent example is their "outrage" over a schoolgirl wearing a Chinese-motive dress to her prom. They're so mad, they're spitting and drooling, as usual. They say it's "cultural appropriation," whatever that is. What FOOLS they are! This girl is my kind of girl. She says she will wear the dress again, basically telling them to "go to hell!"

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Comey says Trump might lie if questioned by Mueller (like he did, huh?). He should know about lying. He has lied every day since Trump fired him for his lousy work with the FBI. In and out of Congress.... Comedienne Michelle Wolf says, "Some people SAY abortion is murder." As if it ISN'T. Abortion IS murder. It is our holocaust, just as the murder of Jews was that of Nazi Germany. Abortion has murdered six MILLION helpless babies. That cannot be denied by honest people.... Is something inhibiting you? Just call it wrong! That's what they're doing with "masculinity" even now. They're having classes TEACHING that masculinity is a mental aberration. They're doing the same thing with "whiteness." If we tried that with "blackness," we'd be called racists....

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