Sunday, December 9, 2012

We're LIVING "Atlas Shrugged"

I hate to have to write this again, but it is necessary. I’ve read Ayn Rand’s landmark ans prophetic “Atlas Shrugged: many times, and each time I do, I see something new in it. You need to read it. The last time I saw Barack Obama in the “head of government” whose policies led to the demise of society through the STRIKE of the men of the mind” who got tired of having the fruits of their ideas and labors STOLEN by men who could not come near to their creativity and industry. Men who merely wanted to take advantage of their minds and bodies for their own good while leaving the people who CREATED things to languish in the sure knowledge that their labors and ideas were being STOLEN by lesser men. Long ago I learned about the MOOCHERS who only wished to live at the expense of others, the LOOTERS (in government) who stole the means for that end, and GAVE what they stole to the moochers. And who was it they stole from? It was he PRODUCERS of society; the people who CREATED the ideas and new products and suffered the PUNISHMENT meted out by the looters for their excellence.

Obama is doing exactly the same things those LOOTERS did when he proposes (and insists on) taxing “the rich,” whose ideas and labors MADE them rich and “redistributing (their) wealth” to “the middle class” who did not earn it and do not deserve it. Taxing the rich does NOT improve the economy. If you took every dime EARNED by the rich this next year you could run the federal government for about ONE MONTH; and you could only do it once because “the rich” would soon learn there was NO INCENTIVE to earn a lot of money because it would be STOLEN from them by the GOVERNMENT. So they would simply stop earning money the government could tax. They’d either stop earning or figure out ways to AVOID the high taxes the government proposes—as they did when the top tax rate was close to an insane 100% before Ronald Reagan lowered it to a less insane level and created one of the biggest, longest lasting BOOMS in our history until the liberals destroyed it by “fiddling with” the economy to get elected.

They passed a law (The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”) that REQUIRED lenders to loan money to people who could not repay it—something that caused the country’s biggest banker in “Atlas Shrugged” to “zero out” his books and disappear, becoming the first “producer” to do so, and beginning the “strike of the men of the mind” that is the basic premise in this book. Obama is doing the same things, only by taxing these people at an unfair and higher rate than the rest of us, thus STEALING the excess and REMOVING the INCENTIVE to produce rather than (as in the book) forcing them to "sign over" the rights to their property. It’s only a matter of time before the “producers” stop producing and the economy goes completely to hell. It is already halfway there and Obama and his “band of thieves” are claiming the recession is over so when things get worse they can blame “the rich” for it. I’m an old man and won’t have to live through most of it, but my children and grandchildren and their descendants will.

What I see for the future is a “Socialist America” where, like in the old “Soviet Socialist Russia,” the shelves will be empty and the “state” rules everybody’s life with a “strong hand” while PREVENTING free market activity until it, too, fails as the Soviet Union did because socialism RELIES on the earnings of those who WILL work. We’re already seeing the beginnings of that with all Obama’s THOUSANDS of new regulations that are STIFLING business while he taxes them out of existence. He believes socialism is the way to go and he is IGNORANT for that belief. But he has conned his way into power with the MOOCHERS as his voting base. I really thought he would be voted out of office in 2012 as people with more intelligence prevailed. It didn’t happen. The MOOCHERS, who only want a “free ride” and don’t care about anything else, re-elected him and in the next four years he will be working HARD to destroy our way of life and impose SOCIALISM upon us. And unless we can IMPEACH him for his crimes (such as standing by and watching while our ambassador in Beghazi, Libya was murdered, then lying about it later) we’re stuck with him, at LEAST for the next four years—and probably more if he manages to get the constitutional prohibition against his re-election for a third term lifted, which I’m sure is one of his target actions. (Just common sense)

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