Sunday, December 16, 2012

How Do You Make Sense of It?

That’s one of the most often asked questions of people who were affected by the Sandy Hook school shooting where the shooter TARGETED children around the age of six, killing anybody who got in his way, including the principal, who ran at him trying to stop him. But there’s no answer; there IS no “sense” to it.

A “NATIONAL COMMISSION”: Independent Senator Joe Lieberman says “we need to have a national commission” to study the role of guns in shootings like that in the Sandy Hook killings. I applaud his concern, but he’s “beating a dead horse” in suggesting a committee to get together and TALK about it. They’ll do it, and nothing will ever come of it, except maybe more gun control laws, which NEVER accomplish ANYTHING except to disarm only the people who OBEY laws, which criminals never do.

GUN CONTROL WILL NEVER WORK: The toothpaste is out of the tube; guns have been invented and you can’t UN-invent them. Only honest people OBEY gun control laws. Criminals and crazies like the Sandy Hook school shooter do not. So what good are they? We need to allow more honest people to be armed so such shooters can be SHOT before they can kill as many people.

IT’S ALWAYS THE GUN: Whenever things like the Sandy Hook school shootings happen, politicians instantly blame the gun and never look beyond that. Instead of looking at means to know people like this shooter are about to “crack” before they do, we try and make it harder for him to get a gun, which is impossible. It’s time they started looking in the right direction.

PRO-GUN PEOPLE HAVE AN AGENDA: That”s what Sen. Dick Durbin says, as if he and other “anti-gun crazies” do not. Yes, we DO “have an agenda.” To keep our right to own and carry the means to our own protection, the gun, as protection fom blatant criminals, and not-so-blatant criminals like Durbin.

DO WE REALLY WANT PEOPLE IN THEATERS ARMED? That’s what Chris Wallace, on Fox asked a pro-gun politician, and the answer is a resounding YES. They keep talking about “who needs assault weapons?” The answer to that is, “Why not?” If a guy like the Sandy Hook school shooter couldn’t get his “automatic weapon,” he’ll get a .45 or a .32 revolver and go out and kill people with that. If he can’t get any kind of a gun (doubtful) he’ll do like one guy did, and use a SWORD. The same day of the Sandy Hook massacre a man in china went into a school with a KNIFE and slashed many people before he was stopped.

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