Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Counting On the Ignorant

That’s what Obama is doing. That’s why he is able to lie so much while nobody “calls him on it.” Many people just “don’t pay attention to politics,” thinking “politics” is something that will not affect them. But it WILL. Obama’s politics has caused gas prices to rise sky high and ALL prices likewise. Taxes have risen unconscionably everywhere. In Colorado, they DOUBLED the price of a LICENSE PLATE last year and NOBODY of any substance objected. Politics WILL affect you, so you’d BETTER pay attention, and if you do, but know somebody who isn’t, you’d better make an effort to change that person.

KELLY CLARKSON IS A FOOL: She switched her support from Ron Paul to Obama “because he’s a great guy.” He is NOT. She proved her ignorance when she switched from a FAR right wing candidate to a FAR left (socialist) candidate. Even if he were a “great guy,” his POLICIES are what makes him UNELECTABLE in my opinion, and the opinion of ALL those who actually THINK. He got re-elected, and we will ALL suffer, including Kelly.

ISLAMIC TERRORISM IS NOT DEAD: No matter what that “Liar in Chief” in the White House says. They are now in THIRTY COUNTRIES and are growing daily. As fast as we kill them, more replace the ones we kill (like roaches). Some people say then we should stop killing them. I say we need to kill them FASTER so we can kill them faster than they can teach their children to hate us in school.

PRESSURING THE POLLSTERS: During the election, Gallup said Romney was up by 5 and Obama’s “hatchet man,” Axelrod, immediately had the “Justice Department” sue them while threatening to “investigate” them. We know an “investigation” isn’t going to turn up anything illegal, but it will make their lawyers richer as they have to pay them a LOT of money to fight the suit. So the numbers went to “up by 3” and the liberal media is reporting an “Obama surge.” The only important poll is on November 3rd and the "leeches" of our society reelected this fool..

Most get it from CNN, not surprisingly, though at least one questioned said “not CNN because they’ve too far to the right (What is she smoking?)” Others say they get their “news” from Jon Stewart, a comedian who does a “phony news” show. Nobody said Fox News, proving the liberals have succeeded in making liberals believe the LIE that Fox is not worth watching.

THE “HATE COMING FROM FOX”: Liberals asked where they get their news mostly watch CNN or “not Fox.” They cite the “hate” coming from the right, and Fox. But they can’t give any real examples of it. Those that try cite instances of simple disagreement on a political issue.

“EMPTY CHAIR”: Clint Eastwood is right about Obama being an “empty chair.’ But I’d go a step further; he’s an “empty suit” that lies a lot. How can you tell when he’s lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. Obama will lie to your face when he KNOWS you know he’s lying and DARE you to correct him, while the liberal media will swear to it.

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