Tuesday, December 11, 2012

GOP Doesn't "Love the rich"

Liberals say they do as if it were true. It is NOT. Republicans have no more “LOVE” for the rich than do the Democrats. What Democrats want to keep from you is that most of THEM are rich. They try to “demonize” rich people by ignoring HOW they became rich, and expect ignorant people to believe them while hiding their own riches.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT GUNS? Liberals and gun control enthusiasts are crying about that football player who murdered his girlfriend, then took his own life in front of his general manager. But they never attribute the problem to the football player. They always blame the gun, which is STUPID. The gun can’t do ANYTHING without a human hand to hold it and pull the trigger. And if he didn’t have a gun, there are plenty of butcher knives in the kitchen. Or he could just break her neck with his hands. Should we ban knives and strong people’s hands? Damn, I’m tired of STUPID PEOPLE who blame an inanimate object like a gun for the stupid acts of a human being!

THEN THERE'S THIS: Will the liberals scream as loudly to ban CARS after yet another drunken football player killed his buddy and teammate while driving drunk? With their "logic," they should be screaming about blaming CARS as well as guns.

RICH MAN “KNOCKS” RICH PEOPLE:  Rich man Ed Asner made an eight minute video for use in schools to help teach them to HATE people who have more money than they do (except for him, of course) . It was put out by the California Association of Teachers. Who else? California is one of the most liberal states in the country and is going broke because of it.

NO SPENDING CUTS: Democrats will NEVER agree to real spending cuts because all they want is more taxpayer money to spend. And it doesn’t matter how much money they get, they will find new and better ways to spend it on things that buy votes. That is FACT, no matter how much they deny it while CALLING “cuts in INCREASE of taxes tax CUTS.

HUGO CHAVEZ’ CANCER HAS RETURNED: And that’s a good ting—unless his replacement is worse than he is, which is quite probable since he is “hand-picking” his replacement in anticipation of his death. The only good thing we can count on out of this will be his suffering before his death. I just hope he doesn’t die too quickly so he can suffer a little for his crimes while dictator.

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