Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taxing the Rich is STUPID!

Obama just can’t seem to understand that “the rich” are the ONLY people who crate jobs while creating new wealth. Yes, he CAN create some jobs within the government—which does NOT create new wealth. It merely changes the pockets in which riches dwell from individuals to government employees—and the number of government employees has DOUBLED while Oba ma and his “gang of thieves” has been in power.

CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT: Liberals say it’s our constitutional right to murder our infant children before they even have a chance at life, rather than use a rubber when having sex. Yes, the Supreme Court DID say that, but they’re wrong. They’re not infallible. Once they said it was a constitutional right to hold some people in slavery. This, too, shall pass away. It just has not, yet.

THEY CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS: It is said that “some Wal-Mart customers WANT unions.” If they do, they’re STUPID. They can’t have it both ways. Either they have unions OR low prices. Some people think things like adding unions to a work force that wants no part of them can be done without raising prices. It can’t be done.

WHY ALWAYS THE SECOND? We killed another “second in command” with al-Qaida today. Why is that? Why can we always kill the SECOND in command, but not the FIRST in command. Do they always send the SECOND in command out first? Is that part of his job, to go first before the boss left so when somebody got killed it wasn’t “the boss?” Maybe we should wait a little longer when he comes out, and maybe get the COMMANDER that time.

TYPICAL OBAMA LIE: The governor of Michigan signed a “right-to-work” law, which is against Obama’s pro-union policies. So Obama makes an ad saying, “Don’t stop people’s right to join a union.” But it does NOT. It stops the unions from FORCING you to join a union or give them money anyway. This is a typical Obama lie, twisting the truth to suit his purposes.

LISTENING TO A COMMUNIST: Van Jones, self-described communist, says,” It’s time to take some of it back,” indicating that “the rich” stole what they had from “the poor.”  How that happened I don’t know. How do you become rich by “stealing  from the poor” who HAVE nothing? “The poor” never had anything to steal, so how is that possible? It’s not, like most things liberals base their lying premises on. It's a typical liberal LIE.

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